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Latest Celebrity Ambassadors For Car Brands

posted on Aug 27 2014 by Kiri Nowak

Latest Celebrity Ambassadors For Car Brands

Automotive brands are always keen to get their hands on popular celebrities to help them promote their cars. Selecting the right celebrity is crucial because they should accurately represent the image and values of the brand. The right celebrity can send sales soaring and instantly put a brand in the spotlight.

Car manufacturers choose celebrities from a wide range of different sectors and disciplines depending on the message the want to get across. From actors and athletes to musicians and TV personalities, there is always someone out there who is ideal for each brand. Here are some of the latest celebrity ambassadors for a selection of well-known car brands.

Bear Grylls - Land Rover

In an interesting move, Land Rover have appointed world famous adventurer Bear Grylls. He will be helping to launch the new Discovery Sport and will support Land rover at a global level. Bear seems like a unique yet very well suited choice for Land Rover. His adventures in the wild and definitely embody the ‘can & will’ spirit that Land Rover are known for.

Bear commented ‘Land Rover is all about adventure, and adventure has always been in my DNA. For the toughest challenges, a Land Rover is always my vehicle of choice, which is why I'm so proud to be associated with the brand.’

Michael Schumacher - Mercedes-Benz

Mercedes-Benz recently announced that they will continue to keep Michael Schumacher as brand ambassador despite his accident. Schumacher was brought on board in April 2013 but in December 2013 sadly he had a skiing accident where he suffered severe head injuries. Schumacher was woken from a coma and is beginning a slow recovery following the accident.  'We have given no thoughts to changing something in his contract," said Dr. Dieter Zetsche.

David Beckham – Jaguar

David Beckham will be promoting Jaguar for China and will feature in several marketing campaigns for the brand. Jaguar Land Rover China Managing Director said David Beckham ‘embodies contemporary British style and sophistication.’

Beckham is a sporting legend in the UK and is also popular in China where he will be featured. He said ‘I’ve always been an admirer of Jaguar – from the styling and design to the feel and roar of the engine, every element feels uniquely British.’ 

Alex Zanardi – BMW

Alex Zanardi is a motorsport driver with an incredible story. He was known for racing in CART and also Formula 1. Unfortunately he lost his legs in a crash where the nose cone of his car was knocked off. Despite nearly losing his life and suffering terrible injuries he didn’t give up motor racing and managed to win Paralympic gold in hand cycling.

He now races a BMW Z4 GT3 that has been adapted especially for him. He said ‘BMW is like a second family, and over the past years we not only enjoyed great times together at the track, but we have also become close friends.’

Maria Sharapova -  Porsche

Sharapova has represented numerous automotive brands over the years but last year signed with Porsche. She is not short of companies wanting to snap her up, she is also an ambassador for Tag Heuer watches and Nike. She makes a huge amount of money in endorsements and can now add Porsche to her list.

Porsche say she is very well suited because ‘She is an exceptional athlete. She combines top performance in her sports with elegance and power. These are precisely the qualities that are embroiled in our sports cars.’

Novak Djokovic – Peugeot

Another Tennis pro in high demand has chosen to team up with a big car brand. Djokovic joined forces with Peugeot in January 2014. Peugeot were attracted by Djokovic's worldwide success and the fact that he is very well known in China as ‘a decisive factor in establishing this partnership.’

Djokovic explained why he chose to represent Peugeot saying ‘In my eyes, Peugeot embodies French elegance, refinement and the expression of a certain art of living.’

Sir Chris Hoy - Nissan

Sir Chris Hoy teamed up with Nissan earlier this year and will work with Richard Whitehead MBE to mentor a new generation of Paralympic and Olympic athletes in the run up to the 2016 games. They are featured in the ‘on the road to Rio 2016’ and #UniteAndExcite campaigns that Nissan are running.

The UniteAndExcite campaign began with a promotional film featuring Hoy showing how Nissan will help athletes over the next few years. Hoy commented ‘I’m hugely excited to be a part of Nissan’s Team GB and ParalympicsGB partnership. Nissan is famed for its innovation and excitement, and its #UniteAndExcite campaign will make the thrill of the Games more accessible to the British public.’ – Lexus has earned quite a reputation within the automotive industry and has been seen in some very unusual vehicles. He has a passion for building cars and likes to create extremely unique cars. He has recently agreed to work with Lexus on their ‘striking angles’ campaign to launch their new Lexus NX. He will feature in the television advert and also help with designing a bespoke NX edition.

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