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LA Motor Show Preview

posted on Nov 17 2014 by Gabe Grover

LA Motor Show Preview

The LA Motor Show is just round the corner and we've been patiently waiting to give you the roundup on this years show. From concepts to coupes, pretty much anything important in motoring will be shown at this event, and we have a full preview of all the cars we know will be there.

Audi R8 Competition:

With the current Audi R8 approaching its 7th birthday, Audi are looking to release one more version of their current model. This model is Audi’s R8 Competition. This model will have a 560Bhp V10 Plus engine that’s said to push this car to 60mph in just 3.2 seconds. Its top speed, according to Audi will be 199mph and only 60 of these cars will be made. The German manufacturer are going to begin taking orders for this car just months before the next R8 is announced at the Geneva Motor Show.

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BMW X5 and X6:

BMW’s next X5 and X6 are just around the corner, we have all the specs for your mouth to water over… These new cars will both have 567bhp 4.4L V8 engine. It’ll reach 60 in 4 seconds flat and its ride height has been lowered by 10mm. As for pricing, the X5 is said to start from £96K it’s bigger, meatier sibling the X6 will start from £103K when they launch early next year.

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Cadillac ATS-V:

All we’ve seen of this car are some blurry spy shots, and a couple of shaky videos of this beast accelerating, but from what we understand, Caddy’s new car will contain the long rumoured 450Bhp, 3.6 litre, V6 engine. We’ll see how well this car will compete with its German rival; the M4.

Here’re the videos: Acceleration:  Burnout:

Chevrolet Chapparel 2X:

Following the recent trend of manufacturers making concepts for Gran Turismo 6, Chevrolet are looking to reveal the Chapparel 2X, Paying homage to the Chaparral race cars that made historical developments to racing technology, like active aerodynamics, onboard telemetry and their innovative vacuum downforce system. This concept, according to Chevrolet, will:  “serve as an example of what our designers are capable of when they are cut loose, no holds barred; a fantasy car in every sense of the word.” We look forward to seeing it in the coming weeks.
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Chrysler 300C:

Following Walter Whites purchase of a Chrysler 300 in the hit TV show ‘Breaking Bad’, Chrysler 300’s have suddenly become 100 times cooler. It’s appeal of being an affordable Bentley is it’s selling point and with the current models criticisms mainly being aimed at the car’s interior, we’re sure Chrysler have done their best to fix the issues.
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Fisker Galpin Rocket:                                                      

Henrik Fisker, designer of beloved cars like Aston Martin’s Db9, V8 Vantage or BMW’s Z8 Roadster. After a questionable reception of the Fisker Karma, Mr Fisker is looking to release what he calls ‘The ultimate American muscle car’. The Rocket is said to feature a full carbon body but all we’ve seen is a teasing sketch of the car. Either way, we’ll see how the brand looks to reinvent itself this later on this month.

Mercedes-Mayback S600:

With the discontinuation of Mercedes’ Maybach sub-brand back in 2011, Mercedes are rebooting the luxury limo brand. We don’t know much about it yet, but with the S600 coming out early next year, we’re very excited to see what the dragons will be driving next season!
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Mercedes G-Code:

This concept is Mercedes’ envisagement of the future of the SUC (Sports Utility Coupe), specifically the G-Code Study. This car is anthropomorphised emotion. The G Codes’ aesthetics as close to a ‘goutte d’eau’ as you can get. It’ll contain a range of futuristic features like a colour changing ‘grille’ display that matches colour to the driving mode you’re in. Or the health detecting seats in the vehicle that monitor vital signs like heart rate and body temperature. Whether or not this car will engrave itself into the design of future Mercedes SUC’s is questionable, but we’re sure excited to see where this one goes.
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Porsche Panamera Exclusive:

Only 100 of these super exclusive Panameras will be built. Aimed at both the Porsche enthusiast and those who are looking for a sports car with family car traits; for those, the Panamera is absolutely perfect. With a 563Bhp, 4.8, AWD V8 Turbo S engine, this car will be a monster, and luckily for us Brits this car is coming as a left hand drive model only.
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Volvo V60 Cross Country:

Volvo are, and have always been known for the safety of their cars. With every model on their range achieving the highest possible NCAP score; it’s safe to say Volvos are safe. But with the new V60 Cross Country, Volvo are implementing even more preventative technologies into the V60, along with a bunch of new features that make driving this car off road an absolute pleasure.
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Ford Mustang:

The classic American muscle car has, yet again, made its way across the pond to our small island to try and make even a fraction of the sales this car reaches in the US. The new mustang will range from a 310BHP 2.3L engine, to a gargantuan 5 litre GT V8 that produces a ridiculous 435Bhp; you’re spoilt for choice here.
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That's our preview for the 2014 LA Motor Show, we'll keep you up to date throughout when it begins on the 21st of November this year, (2014).