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La Motor Show 2015

posted on Nov 19 2015 by Ryan Plavenieks

La Motor Show 2015

From the beginning of time, or more accurately 1907, the L.A. Motor Show has been wowing the world with the latest offerings from the motoring world. The L.A spectacular isn’t the biggest show on the world events calendar but over the last few years it has certainly grown in stature and has been honored with certain brands making model debuts. This year the likes of Honda, Ford, Fiat and Kia are set to unveil new models along with some knockout concepts from Scion, Volvo and Subaru.

Fiat 124 Roadster

Fiat seem to have been forging ahead with the 500 and other various spins of it over the last few years but with their latest offering of new car L.A. are set for the world preview of the Fiat 124 spider which is a completely different tack. The 124 will be a welcome addition to the market for those looking for an affordable two seat cabriolet. As you would expect, cross company technology is shared with Mazda and the MX5 forms the template with Fiat adding its own twist. Unlike the Mazda, Fiat is rumored to be offering turbocharged engines to the range to possible entice those looking for a little extra driving thrill.

Fiat 124 Roadster

Styling is sharp with classic roadster bonnet/grill combo and almost a hint of Aston Martin headlights and what we in the trade like to call and “Emily Blunt stern” (killer rear)!

Range Rover Evoque Convertible

Set to go on sale next year, and frankly I don’t know why because I personally think it looks awful, is the Evoque convertible. Everyone has their opinions on this in the office, some of us love it some don't.

Range Rover Evoque Convertible

A drop top mini S.U.V. that is sure to be the next must have vehicle (according to someone probably off of TOWIE) I don’t see what this would be like as a rugged off roader but then I don’t think it will ever be used for that! Probably the only off road these cars will see is when it’s straddling the kerbs on double yellows just outside the local tanning salon! Comes with decent kit and a nice cabin finish but also expect long lead times and dogs in handbags!


L.A. will be previewing two of Mercedes higher end motors at the show this year. The all new GLS will be Mercedes’ Audi Q7 beating luxury SUV offering S Class luxury with off road capabilities. 

Mercedes GLS

Topping the engine line ups is the powerful twin turbo 5.5 litre V8 AMG GLS63 4matic which will be the most engaging to drive but the more user friendly 3.0ltr V6 will be the most commonly opted for in the UK.

Unconfirmed reports of a plug in electric hybrid are circulating but this as yet has not been firmed up from Mercedes.

Also new on the MB stand will be the updated and face lifted SL Roadster.

New Mercedes SL Roadster

New body styling and particularly a less boxy more sculpted headlight section will breathe fresh life into this grand touring roadster. New engine refinements and power upgrades should revive sales on this popular model.

Concept Cars

Subaru has unveiled its compact Impreza saloon in L.A. Previously teasing the automotive world with the sleek profile shot of the car. The intent is clear from Subaru. Sports looks low floor line, wide platform, hawk eye headlights and flared arches to highlight its 4 wheel drive system.

Subaru Impreza Saloon

Boasting a new platform that will be stronger and lighter than the previous model Subaru have also opted to upgrade the boxer engine but with more refinement, higher output and improved fuel efficiency. The new shape is a theme that Subaru want to run with in the design of all of its future models. It is also said to express “enjoyment and peace of mind”. It looks a stunning car but can Subaru bring something to the table that offers something different or better than what is already available in this highly contested segment.


One of the most stunning cars to be on show in L.A. is the beautifully styled Concept Coupe.

Volvo Concept Coupe

Not usually the words you would use to describe a Volvo but this beautifully yet aggressively styled two door GT really is something to behold. Its flowing lines harking European sports car seamlessly flow into a flaired almost American muscle car then leading into an almost Shelby Daytona esque back end. Space age onboard tech, high end interior finish and a cracking body design will leave Audi’s A7 and BMW’s 6 series trembling in the corner when it hits the market which could be soon as the original idea has been around since 2013.

Using the coupe as inspiration, Volvo have also extended the sleek lines and minimalist design to the XC concept which may be more of a profitable unit for the company. Some of the design like the split L.E.D. D.R.L. headlamps and sleek lines has already made it into the new XC90 which is currently on sale. As many Volvo’s in the past have shared platforms with other brands Volvo have expressed their desire to show the world their designers can “liberate and express themselves” in a totally unrestricted way with Volvos own ethos put into the car rather restricting ideas for the sake of other brands  

Green Tech

California is well documented for Stars of the film industry toodling about in their Toyota Prius’ and singlehandedly saving the earth…and possibly private Ryan too. (Tom Hanks reportedly drives a Prius!). Maybe some variety in the Electric and Alt Fuel sector may have some of the stars getting out of their Prius and into something a bit funkier like a Fiat 500e or a Hyundai Tucson Fuel cell. More manufactures are subscribing to electric power and over the next few years more headway will be made to actually get bums on seats when it comes to E.V’s, along with local a few local councils

Fait 500e Hyundai Tucson Hydrogen Fuel Cell

As the sun sets on the smog tinged golden state we are quite sure that the L.A. Motor Show has been a success and over the years will continue to develop and grow and in the skewed paraphrasing of a former state celebrity governor, “It’ll be back!