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Jaguar F-type leads push to treble sales

posted on Nov 30 2012 by Sam Jones

Jaguar F-type leads push to treble sales

Jaguar will expand its range with four new models as the British manufacturer aims to treble its number of sales; the F-type sports car, a family orientated SUV, a small front-wheel-drive car and a new XK.

The F-type will lead this push as Jaguar attempts to improve its global image by capitalising on the current demand for smaller performance cars and improved fuel economy. The F-type roadster goes on sale next May but Jaguar are also planning convertible and coupe versions of the sports car.

A step in a very different direction from the F-type is the new Jaguar SUV. Said to be influenced by the Infiniti FX, work on the new family oriented SUV began earlier this year and is expected to be based on the XJ saloons basic aluminium riveted platform. A full sized model has been made but no public images are yet to be released.

The same goes for the new compact front-wheel-drive car that Jaguar has lined up. Despite not being new territory unlike the SUV market, Jaguar are said to be more tentative about this car. The previous X-type, based on the Ford Mondeo, caused a fair bit of damage to the companys image. Jaguar will want to avoid repeating this at all costs and are even considering a different badge for the FWD car to prevent pushing the brand downmarket.

The final model Jaguar has planned is the new XK. Encouraged by trend set by the Maserati GranTurismo and GranCabrio, the XK will be more high-class and larger than the roadster and coupe it replaces.