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Is that your car?

posted on Feb 08 2009 by Jade Hensby

It took Renault 6 years to realise that the car with a "butt" was simply not going to work. That's why this time around Renault hasn't attempted anything as radical. It may be a more conservative approach but atleast it is not ugly.

Renault has followed Vauxhall's lead and created the usual family-orientated five-door hatch and then added a sporty Alfa-esque three-door 'Coupe'.

Like before, the Megane is expected to raise the bar for safety, but unlike before, it has a beautifully built cabin that's a match for the Germans. Renault's main mission in life is to become regarded as a firm that rolls out some of the most reliable, well-made vehicles in the business.

One area it's clear Renault has improved immeasurably is in its interior. Borrowing its high-quality interior from the recent Laguna, Megane buyers are treated to a cabin that feels as if it could have been crafted by the Germans. The sporty Renault Megane Coupe is equipped with the suspension 12mm lower than the hatch and this means body roll through bends is kept to a minimum. The steering is also far sharper and accurate than the old car, making it easy to place on tight and twisty roads.

The new Megane ditches its analogue speedo for an all-digital arrangement (plus a conventional rev counter) and we liked its clarity. The Renault Megane, like all other recent Renault models, (with the exception of the Twingo) has been designed, developed and built to be nothing less than the safest in the class. To help it achieve this feat the brand has fitted an incredible eight airbags plus two airbags fitted within the two front seats. These have been developed to prevent the driver and front passenger sliding under their seat belts following an impact.

Careful attention has also been paid to make the hatch and Coupe more absorbent in a pedestrian impact with an energy absorbing bonnet, bumpers and wings. Find out more about leasing the new Renault Megane Coupe.