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Increase In £100 Fines For Anti-Social Drivers

posted on Mar 17 2015 by Kiri Nowak

Increase In £100 Fines For Anti-Social Drivers

New figures have revealed that there has been a big increase in £100 fines given to anti-social drivers for offences such as middle lane hogging and tailgating. It’s frustrating when you see people on the roads doing these things and you think nothing is really done about it. However, it seems now not everyone is getting away with being selfish on the road. People selfishly sitting in the middle lane getting in the way of all the traffic might begin to realise they are doing something wrong.

No one will be pleased if they get given a fine themselves, but the good drivers of the world are most likely happy that justice is being served. Although it’s unlikely that if a driver does something potentially dangerous or inconsiderate that the police will actually be around to help you out.

Some other forms of anti-social driving have also resulted in £100 fines. Some drivers have also been given points on their licence as well as being fined. The police have handed out fines to people doing handbrake turns, undertaking and wheel spins. You could also get fined if you get a pedestrian wet by driving through a puddle.

This is just a small selection of anti-social driving examples. It has also been reported that a tractor driver got fined after failing to pull over to let a long queue of motorists get by. A driver in North Wales was fined for having a dirty windscreen and someone in North Cumbria got fined for driving with a mattress across the front passenger seat.

10,000 on the spot fines were handed out in just under a year. New laws have enabled police to give out these fines and crack down on inconsiderate drivers. Following the introduction of these new laws, 9,852 penalty notices have been handed out by the police.  

Although the number of fines is on the rise, some areas of the country are getting more fines than others. It depends where people live as to how likely they are to end up getting a fine for anti-social driving. If you live in London you may be more likely to get caught for these offences as the Metropolitan Police have handed out the most fines (1,397). In comparison, no fines at all were given out by Essex Police. 

Prior to these laws being introduced the only way to obtain justice would be for the offence to be dealt with in a court of law. Many drivers would escape being fined because of the bureaucracy involved.

Road Safety Minister Robert Goodwill recently commented on the matter saying, 'Careless driving can risk lives, and I am glad to see police tackling these offences at the roadside.This is exactly why this government brought in a fixed penalty notice so officers can deal with offenders on the spot rather than having to prosecute offenders through the courts.'