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Ignore Emissions At Your Peril - Car Tax bandings

posted on Jan 19 2017 by Keith Langford

Ignore Emissions At Your Peril - Car Tax bandings

Since the current tax banding system was introduced, your car's emissions could be costing you a pretty penny but how many new car buyers consider this environmental issue when they get to the showroom?

If the AA are to be believed, the answer is, not many. Despite the best efforts of manufacturers, petrol companies and the Government the average motorist pays little attention to CO2 emissions or tax banding when changing their car and the blame for this falls at the feet of car dealers. The latest research indicated that while some salesmen are well tuned in to the emissions ratings of the vehicles they sell, the majority are still in the dark and their customers are paying the penalty.

More than half of the sales people in the sample were unable to match a car from their range to the buyer's circumstances and requirements and most failed to mention the 'E' word even if they had a particularly impressively performing model.

The AA recognise that vehicle emissions are not going to be top of the list of considerations when most people come to choose a new car but, over the vehicle's life time, the savings or incurred from a lower or higher tax banding make the issue well worth taking into account.