How to avoid the dreaded road rage

posted on Feb 19 2014 by Jade Hensby

How to avoid the dreaded road rage

We’ve all been a victim of the dreaded road rage. Whether we’ve dished it out or been on the reaching end of it, one thing is for sure, it’s never pleasant. This blog will give you some simple tips to help you stay calm, when the road is acting crazy!

  • Get some sleep: a contributing factor of road rage is tiredness. Make sure you’ve had plenty of rest, so you can avoid all those feelings of anger and crankiness first thing in the mornings.

  • Plan ahead: If you add at least 10 extra minutes to your journey, you’ll feel considerably better knowing that you have extra time on your hands, if and when you do become the victim of traffic.

  • It has been suggested that by listening to relaxing music, you’re mood will also relax, making the journey less stressful. Try tuning in to classical or jazz radio stations to reduce stress levels.

  • Loosen up: if you are travelling a long distance, try not to exceed three hours of travel time without a break. This break will allow you to stretch and release all the pent up tension.

  • Some people find that, by analysing their own driving behaviour, they learn when and how to notice their own stress levels and avoid road rage. Why not record yourself in the car and see what grinds your gears?

  • Practice kindness: the simple saying ‘treat others how you would like to be treated’. No one likes being on the receiving end of road rage, so before you do, think about how it could affect the other person.

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