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How To Choose A Lease Car

posted on Jul 16 2014 by Kiri Nowak

How To Choose A Lease Car

Looking for a lease car but struggling to decide which one to get? Getting a car is a big decision that should be considered carefully. When you lease a car you will keep it for two, three or four years so you need to be 100% sure it’s the right car for you. Here are some tips to help you find your ideal new lease car.

Decide on a budget

The first thing you need to do is decide how much you are willing to spend. Work out how much you think you can afford on a monthly basis. You can choose cars based on price range on our website by going to the quick search and clicking the budget dropdown.

How much can you put down for deposit?

The more money you can put down for a deposit the lower your monthly payments will be. Think about how much money you could realistically put down for a deposit. This will help you to get an accurate idea of what the monthly payments will be.

What size/body style car do you want?

You need to consider how big you need your car to be and how many passengers it will carry. Does your car need to transport pets such as large dogs or does it need to be suitable for children? Will your vehicle need to carry any equipment such as bikes or sports kit? You need to select a preferred body style based on your needs from the following:

·         Saloon

·         Hatchback

·         Estate

·         4 x 4

·         People carrier

·         Coupe

·         Cabriolet

·         Convertible


What do you need a car for? There are a huge number of reasons why people buy a car. Knowing what your car will be used for will help you to get the perfect model. For example, will it be used for weekend breaks or to get around town? A small car such as a Volkswagen up! or Fiat 500 might make a perfect city car but they won’t be much good if you need to transport a lot of kit around.

Business or personal?

Are you going to get a business or personal lease? You can only get a business lease if you fit into one of the following categories: self employed, limited company, sole trader or partnership, llp, plc. We also have plenty of fantastic deals available for personal lease customers.

Petrol or diesel?

Petrol is cheaper petrol cars are better for shorter journeys and everyday use. Diesel is more expensive but diesel cars usually use less fuel and are therefore more economic. If you do a lot of long journeys then a diesel car is a better choice. Although diesel cars used to be quite noisy they significantly improved.

How powerful does your car need to be?

Do you need a car with a really powerful engine? If you want to get off the mark quickly then you will need a car with a more powerful engine. Some people are perfectly happy with a 1 litre supermini to get from A to B.

Research different cars

Once you know what sort of car you want pick a few cars and do some research. Find out about their performance, safety rating and reliability by reading reviews online. This should help you to narrow your choice down a little. You will also feel more confident with your choice when you find the right car.

Create a shortlist

Based on all the above criteria narrow your list down and put together a shortlist.

Test drive your favourites

It is definitely worth test driving any potential cars you are looking at. Actually sitting in the car and seeing how it feels to drive can really help you make your mind up.

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