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How To Avoid Summer Traffic

posted on Jun 01 2015 by Kiri Nowak

How To Avoid Summer Traffic

We have now entered June, the month in which summer officially begins (on the 21st of June). Travel chaos is common in the summer months when the schools break up and everyone hits the roads in search of some sunshine. There are certain things you can do if you want to avoid the worst of the summer traffic. Here are some helpful tips:

Avoid travelling on key holiday dates

Find out when the key holiday dates are and try not to travel during these times. For example, traffic can be absolutely horrendous on bank holidays so you may want to consider travelling on alternatives dates where possible.

Travel at off peak times

It can be nearly impossible sometimes but if you can try and avoid travelling at peak times. This is something most people do throughout the year but it’s especially important to avoid travelling at peak times on hot summer days when everybody is trying to get to the coast.

Check travel disruption on hot days

One of the best ways to avoid summer traffic is to check for travel disruption before you leave. You can then plan an alternative route and avoid major traffic jams.

Avoid busy motorways

Most of the major motorways are a nightmare in the summer months, especially on long weekends. Stay away from the busiest motorways when possible.

Choose scenic country routes

In the summer you might want to take the opportunity to go on a more scenic route and avoid the traffic. It can be very pleasant driving through country roads in the sunshine and sometimes worth going a slightly longer route.

Walk or cycle

If you are just going on short journeys then try and walk or cycle instead of driving. You will benefit from the exercise and getting out in the fresh air. Take advantage of the more pleasant summer weather and help the environment by walking instead of driving.

If you are heading to the beach, leave early

Planning on a day out at the beach? Your best bet is to leave super early and avoid the mad rush to get to the coast. Leave at 7 or 8 am instead of 10 or 11 if you can.

Avoid travelling between 5-7 on a Friday

Most Fridays throughout the summer holidays cause travel chaos on the roads. The worst possible time to travel is between 5 and 7pm on a Friday evening. If you do need to drive somewhere on a Friday try and set off as early as possible.

Check for roadworks

Roadworks can be extremely frustrating but they are also avoidable. You can go online to check when and where roadworks will occur and then you can plan an alternative route. The last thing you want to do is miss out on the sunshine because you are delayed by roadworks.

Check the weather

It’s useful to check the weather a few days before you are due to go on a long journey. Then you can plan ahead and anticipate any major travel delays.