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HONDA LEGEND 3.5i VTEC EX Auto (£100 pm price cut)

posted on Feb 25 2009 by Kyle McWilton

HONDA LEGEND 3.5i VTEC EX Auto (£100 pm price cut)

What others see as luxurious extras, Honda see as integral to the Legend. That includes a beautifully designed softeurotouch leather interior, a voiceeuroactivated Satellite Navigation system, and an onboard Global Positioning System that uses optical sensors to determine the sun's position and automatically adjust the interior climate. And then there's all the little detailed touches that make such a big difference, from the high penetration foglights and headlight washers, to the rear camera and ambient interior lighting. Honda's focus has always been on the thrill of driving. That's why Honda's designers introduced the unique Super Handlingll

Wheel Drive (SHWD) system, to give you the handling prowess of a sports car. When you demand a quick response or turn sharply, it distributes torque independently to all four wheels, providing an incredible level of control and agility. The Legend also uses the most advanced radar and camera technology in its Advanced Driver Assist System (ADAS) to make your journeys that much safer. ADAS includes Adaptive Cruise Control to help you maintain a set distance from other cars, and also the Lane Keeping Assist System to keep you centered on the road. Inspired by Honda's racing knowledge, the Legend's dashboard is ergonomically designed to give you complete control.

This means superb clarity of gauges and dials, steering wheel mounted gear shifts, and all essential controls just a fingertip away. Every detail has been thought about to make your drive that extra bit special. This includes individual air conditioning and heating systems for both front seats, an electric sunroof, a rear camera to help reverse parking and retractable headrests. So settle into the softeurotouch, handeurostitched leather driving seat, electronically adjust the steering wheel for reach and rake, and then hit the road. When you buy a luxury car, you would expect it to go beyond the legal requirement for safety measures. For the Legend, Honda have gone further than ever before. The innovative Pedestrian Collision euroPopeuroUp' Bonnet System can lead to an approximate reduction of 40% in Head Injury Criteria compared to similar cars without it.

The Legend also features an Active Front Lighting System that swivels your headlights by up to 20 degrees to follow your direction of travel euro significantly reducing the risk of accidents as you turn corners on dark roads. In addition, the radar-based Collision Mitigation Braking System provides audible and visual accident warnings, and our highly advanced braking systems will ensure you come smartly and sharply to a stop, whatever the conditions. This offer is based on a 3+29 agreement based on 10k mpa non maintained agreement.