Honda Launches #PhoneDownEyesUp Campaign to Support Distracted Driving Awareness Mouth

posted on Apr 24 2016 by

Honda Launches #PhoneDownEyesUp Campaign to Support Distracted Driving Awareness Mouth

Honda has launched its new social media campaign to help encourage safer driving habits. The #PhoneDownEyesUp campaign supports Distracted Driving Awareness month by highlighting the danger in multitasking.

The #PhoneDownEyesUp campaign features six 20-second videos that bring to life the simple premise of the campaign - if you can't text and complete an easy task, you certainly can't text and drive. Each video shares a similar concept, using relatable experiences to show people the difficulty of trying to text while participating in typical everyday activities such as cutting hair, gardening, making pancakes, pet sitting, vacuuming and working out.

"Honda is deeply committed to enhancing the safety of everyone on the road, so it's imperative that we encourage everyone to stay focused, and remind them about the dangers of texting and other potential distractions while behind the wheel,” said Susie Rossick, Assistant Vice President of Marketing at Honda.

In addition, Honda is creating downloadable lock screens to help drivers remind themselves to put the phone down in the car. Fans can save the images from the posts on Honda's Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr pages directly to their phones and set them as their lock screens via their phone's settings. The videos will run through the month of April and can be viewed at

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