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HONDA Civic 1.8 SE (In Stock)

posted on Sep 30 2009 by Sam Jones

HONDA Civic 1.8 SE (In Stock)

Due to it's great price and availability from stock The Honda Civic 1.8SE is this month's car of the week. If you've made your mind up already, here's the car leasing deal. But if you want to make sure this car's for you, here's a quick review:

Looking at the new design, it's a whole world away from the first generation of Civic's that rolled off the assembly line back in 1972. Even back then Honda were challenging the norms of car design. At the time the 'norm' was for small compact cars to be a 'front engine, rear-wheel-drive, 3 box' design. Honda instead built the civic to be front engine, front-wheel-drive with a 2 box design (engine compartment and cab only.)

No doubt, you'll agree, this latest generation of Civics is still challenging the traditional. And to borrow a phrase from our friends on topgear, "deciding to build a car entirely out of triangles was a bit contrary, but it worked". I think it looks aggressive -- but that's not being negative. I like it; the pronounced front, the sleek roof lines sloping back to the boot and the sharp front-fog-lights make the car look like it's ready to dash around the city streets. But enough about the looks. It's a practical car too.

honda civic

The build quality is great, a real robust car. Its boot is larger than the Golf's and the Astra's so it's very handy for shopping bags and briefcases alike. If you're moving something a bit larger, the rear seats lie flat giving you a vast expanse. The 1.8litre petrol engine and the Honda Civic powertrain has enough about it to give you reponsiveness around town, and comfortable cruising speeds on the motorway.

As I mentioned earlier, we're promoting the Civic 1.8SE as the deal of the week. So what will it cost you Car leasing deals start at £219 per month. Head over to our car leasing deals  to learn how to get yourself behind the wheel of one.