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A Few Highlights from the 2013 Frankfurt Motor Show

posted on Aug 22 2013 by Jon Bardill

A Few Highlights from the 2013 Frankfurt Motor Show

The Frankfurt Motor Show, known locally as the Internationale Automobil-Ausstellung, has been showcasing the motor industry and wowing car enthusiasts for many years now. It began originally in 1897 with a small exhibition in Berlin, and made the move to Frankfurt in the early 1950s. Among the many iconic moments to have occurred at this show are the first appearance of the VW Beetle and the introduction of the BMW 700.

The 2013 show will be held in mid-September, and it promises to be a humdinger. Several highly celebrated manufacturers will be using the event to exhibit brand new models, and will be looking forward to the event with a mixture of excitement and trepidation. Like brand new parents, they arent quite sure what the world will make of their offspring. While they hope everyone will coo in admiration, theyre also scared that some will share incredulous glances at each other. Here are some of the highlights that will be on the menu.

The latest development in the continuing Audi Quattro concept saga is likely to make an appearance at Frankfurt. This little beauty will only be available in small numbers, so it wont be a common sight on our roads in the future. If you plan to be among those in the queue to buy one, you may need a fork-lift truck to carry your wallet; the cost is likely to be somewhere in the region of £125,000.

BMW i3

The makers of the BMW i3 have been whetting our appetites for some time now, teasing us with brief glimpses at the 2011 Frankfurt Motor Show and at the 2012 Olympics in London. This year, the i3 will take pride of place at the companys stand, beside other star turns like the i8 hybrid, the 4 Series and the M4 concept. Itll be a busy show for the good people at BMW; if you see any of them in Frankfurt looking frazzled, remember to be nice to them.

If you also happen to see a group of petrol-heads drooling over something low, red and aerodynamic they will hopefully be staring in lusty admiration at the new version of the Ferrari 458. Its likely to be lighter and speedier than the original, which was already lighter than Kate Moss and speeder than Usain Bolt, so this particular stand is likely to be an extremely popular one.


As is always the case at Frankfurt, Mercedes will be creating plenty of headlines among the great and the good. This year, they are showing a number of impressive cars, including the GLA, the highly anticipated S-Class Coupe and the S-Class plug-in hybrid. German manufacturers place great importance on this show, and we all know how efficient they are when theyre playing at home. It promises to be an excellent event, and if it goes to penalties Germany will win.

Images courtesy of What Car