Hidden Costs of Buying Second Hand

posted on Jan 07 2014 by Jade Hensby

Hidden Costs of Buying Second Hand

In the past many of us have brought second hand cars, convincing ourselves that weve found a great bargain but can we really be so sure when buying a used car With new figures released it seems that weve all been duped...

On average, second hand car buyers spend around £200 on fixing the hidden faults that become apparent within weeks of owning the motor. The Study by Vehicle Database HPI found that across the UK, this can add up to £500 million a year. 4/5 used cars are bought with at least one hidden defect, and each faults costs an average of £225 to put right.

Second Hand Car

In a typical year, second hand vehicles make up around 2.7 million of car sales a year, and unfortunately it is the buyers who are forking out the expenses to get their motor fixed. Shane Teskey, head of Consumer services at HPI stated too many used-car buyers are falling foul of dodgy cars from shifty sellers and losing cash on a clunker...they should be aware of being hoodwinked into parting with their cash without conducting rigorous checks.

Further on a report by HPI stated that straightforward repair jobs, such as replacing worn tires could cost £320 on a Ford Focus or similar cars. This goes to show that the value of having an independent vehicle inspection conducted before the purchase is a very wise move. Car buyers are being warned to avoid viewing cars in the dark and to avoid cars that look too clean or whose warm engine may be disguising a more serious issue.