Have a Fun and Safe New Year's Eve: Drink or Drive, Not Both

posted on Dec 30 2016 by Emma Guignard

Have a Fun and Safe New Year's Eve: Drink or Drive, Not Both

Just a thoughtful reminder and a few tips before one of the biggest night of the year!

It is part of the tradition to share a Champagne flute with family or friends to celebrate the beginning of the New Year, and we all want this evening to be memorable. But we want it to be remembered for happy reasons...

Unfortunately, let us not forget that this night counts among the deadliest ones of the year because a few of us won’t have the presence of mind to refuse to get behind the wheel. On that very night, the average percentage of persons involved in car accidents and who are under the influence of alcohol rises from 16% to 35%.


Therefore, if you are not the host, have a look at the below few suggestions that will help you preparing a safe trip back home.

1. Resist to the temptation: stay sober.

Of course, it’s easy to say but uneasy to stick to. Still, if you are strong enough to refuse to take an alcoholic drink, it is the best way to make sure that you will be fully in capacity to drive home after the party.

2. Sober carpooling: designate a driver in advance.

Make a deal with a few friends or family members and arrange a round-robin to designate a sober driver for each party along the year.

3. Clip your wings: leave the car at home.

You are unsure that you will be able to show self-control when the crowd raises the 3rd glass? Our advice, don’t take risks. Better to leave the car behind. That way, when time has come to go home, you will be forced to call a taxi or to use public transportation.

4. Sleep over: arrange to stay at you host’s place for the night.

If you are lucky that your host can accommodate you for the night, that might be the safest solution and you will still be able to celebrate the way you want to.


Whether we’re going to drink or not on New Year’s Eve, let’s remember that the most important thing on that night is to share a moment of happiness with our dearest relatives or friends.

We genuinely wish you a delightful New Year’s Eve and all the best for 2017!