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Green Power

posted on Oct 02 2014 by Gabe Grover

Green Power

The economical expectations of consumers have exponentially increased over the past few years, and Mercedes have been working hard to meet these expectations. Before today, the most economical car Mercedes had to offer was the ‘A180CDI BlueEfficiency Edition’ that ran at 74mpg. But next year, Mercedes’ S500 will be appearing in showrooms, at it’s the most economical S class Mercedes to date.

The S500 will emit just 65g/km CO2, run at 100mpg and will be capable of travelling 20 miles on electricity alone. But it isn’t all about economy, obviously, as German cars do, the S500 will have an electronically limited top speed of 155mph, and will reach 60mph in 5.3 seconds.

It will also offer an array of brilliant smart features, one of the main upgrades is the implementation of connectivity with a dedicated ‘S500’ Smartphone app, and this app will allow the owner to create a custom driving experience, one of our favourite features of this app, is its ability to schedule climate control in your vehicle, for example, it’s a cold December morning, its dark outside, worry not, the S500 app has you covered, the app is able to pre-heat the cars seats, temperature and even armrests. Meaning you’ll be welcomed with a warm, toasty luxurious experience every time you enter the car.

Of course, there’ll be a range of driving modes on offer in this car, but Mercedes believe that for the best experience, it’s best to let the S500 do its own thing. One of its ‘Economy’ mode features is its ability to improve economy by taking into account any hills in your planned SatNav route, by doing this; the S500 will save electric energy for when a hill begins to give you an electric boost to save fuel, which then creates storage space for the energy created on the descent. Another feature that’ll be sure to keep your petrol costs down, is the inclusion of a ‘Haptic accelerator pedal’, which will send a series of pulses to the throttle pedals when you could be driving more efficiently.

The S500 is a result of Europe’s ever increasing demand for economical vehicles, and it isn’t the only ‘plug-in hybrid’ Mercedes is looking to release. The manufacturer is looking to release over the course of the next two years, over 10 hybrid cars; beginning with a hybrid plug-in version of the C Class that’ll be released next year. Along with that, other hybrid derivatives will be released, from SUV’s to Executives; there’ll be a wide variety of choice if you’re looking to impact the environment in a positive way.

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