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Government urges new parking discussions for businesses

posted on Feb 04 2014 by Jade Hensby

Government urges new parking discussions for businesses

There has been a promise made by the government to talk to logistics firms, businesses and local authorities in order to minimise the impact of parking restrictions on local companies.

Responding to The Transport Committee’s seventh report, the Government said managing service and delivery vehicles in often congested town centres is a long-standing issue for local authorities and finding an answer can be a challenge where there is a high demand for kerb space.

The Transport Committees report said that “it is unacceptable that local authorities set enforcement regimes that effectively force some companies to incur penalty charge notices, which cost hundreds of thousands of pounds a year for carrying out their business. “Local authorities must ensure the need to restrict parking and manage congestion does not stifle the ability of businesses to trade...however businesses can’t be completely exempt from restrictions”. The government responded by saying “the solutions will vary from area to area, and it is important that service delivery organisations, retailers and local authorities work together to seek the best solutions”.

The Department for Transport and Transport for London are developing guidance to encourage deliveries outside normal delivery hours.

In the report, the Government has remained cautious about encouraging Workplace Parking Levy schemes until an assessment of Nottingham’s WPL is completed in Spring 2017.