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Government Giving Electric Cars A Boost with £500 Million Investment Programme

posted on Apr 30 2014 by Kiri Nowak

Government Giving Electric Cars A Boost with £500 Million Investment Programme

Considering the huge benefits of electric cars it’s surprising they haven’t taken off quite as much as expected. This may be because people don’t see why they should invest in an electric car when there aren’t very many charging stations.

People understandably have a fear that if they buy an electric car then they will end up on the side of the road somewhere with a dead battery. It’s true, there aren’t enough charging stations at the moment, but hopefully that is about to change.

More charging stations to be installed

The government has announced a five-year investment programme worth £500 million that will help Britain significantly reduce its CO2 emissions. They plan to install rapid charging points which will enable cars to be charged in 20 minutes on all major A-roads and motorways by 2020.

Currently there are around 6,000 charging stations throughout the UK. However, at least 1,400 are in London which means if you live elsewhere you may find it more difficult to locate charging stations.

Increase electric car sales

The main aim of the scheme is to boost electric car sales which at the moment account for only 1% of total car sales. Sales of electric and hybrid cars are growing, but at a very slow rate. Something needs to be done to change public perception and make electric cars become more appealing.

Grants for buying electric cars

£200 million from the £500 million will be used to fund grants which help towards the cost of getting an ultra-low emission car. Motorists will be able to save up to 25% off the cost of getting a low emission car. Some cities and towns will also be given a budget towards running schemes that specifically benefit electric car drivers. This could be things such as free parking and bus lane access.

Research and development

Another portion of the budget will go towards improving the future of low emission cars. £100 million will be used for research into low-emission technology. This will hopefully enhance electric cars and help them to become more efficient and appealing to motorists.

Benefits of the scheme

The key benefits of this scheme are that it should:

·         Help create more jobs

·         Help reduce emissions and combat climate change

·         Make owning a car more affordable

·         Make electric cars more convenient by providing more charging stations

·         Create a culture change in towns and cities towards electric cars

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