Go Karting - GMC Car Leasing Grand Prix (July 2008)

posted on Aug 24 2008 by Jade Hensby

Go Karting - GMC Car Leasing Grand Prix (July 2008)

GMC Car Leasing has seen 4 new faces join the team this year and we all thought it would be fantastic opportunity to get to know one another a little better. What better than to allow the adrenalin junkies and Lewis Hamilton would bes a chance to let off some steam and race around a track on Go Karts!

We were all a little worried about the weather, it had rained the few days running up to, and even during the day we had booked to go and we all feared a wash out. Luckily for us hours before arriving the clouds had split and the sun shone through to dry out the track and make this July summer afternoon / evening one to remember. Firstly we had a safetey briefing which consisted of flag colours, various rules and regulations to ensure we all survived to go home later.

Then it was off to be kitted out with full overalls, helmet liners, helmets and gloves and we were then ready for the off. The karts were given numbers and we were to have 8 heats of 6 Go Karts in order to record lap times for the Grand Finale. For the 2 weeks in the run up to the day, our office Lewis Hamilton AKA Duncan, also known as a Racing Whippet and Speed Snake, had made it quite clear there was no need to race as he had won! Well it was obvious to see from the first few heats that his prediction had been correct, it was up to the rest of us to jostle for the remaining places on the podium.

As the heats went on and we all got to grips with the Go Karts and the rights and wrongs of karting, the lap times were falling into place. It also came apparent that the Boss Jon was driving dirty and word got round that he was pushing and shoving other karters out of place. The heats finished and after a short breather and some cold water it was back for the Finale, an 18 Lap race for the final places, all Karters on the track.

The marshalls decided to make the final race interesting and to give the rest of a glimmer of hope and fame, to start Duncan in Last position. It was only a lap or 2 into the race and Duncan had taken the lead once more and driven off into the sunset leaving the rest of us to fight out 2nd and 3rd. There were spin offs, amzing over taking and the 18 laps were done, the chequered flag waving us to the pits.

A race is not over until the trophy giving is complete, the photos taken and the remaining Karters talk tactics for the next time. The evening had turned into a glorius summers evening, the race had left us all dry so we headed for the bar to rehydrate and recap on our karting experiences. This Go Karting experience proved to be a real winner with every one in the office, we had many a laugh and really got to know more about each other. If you want to have a go your self then contact www.qleisure.co.uk London Road, Albourne, West Sussex, BN6 9BQ, Tel 01273 834403