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Game of Mercedes-Benz

posted on Jun 12 2014 by Harvey Yates

Game of Mercedes-Benz

A word of warning, this article may contain a few spoilers. As the most recent series is about to end after a few shocking twists, we thought we would pay tribute to the programme.

Our last post matching the characters to different cars was very popular, so we have decided to do a follow up. However, this post focuses only on Mercedes-Benz cars for the Mercedes fans out there. Here are the Mercedes-Benz models we think each character would suit best. 

Lord Tywin Lannister

He’s not perhaps the nicest person in the series and gives the appearance of being superior because he has lots and lots of money. However, as we all discovered in the most recent series, he might well decide to pool all his debts into one easy repayment. We might, therefore, think that an A-Class is what he should aim for. But then, if he wants to put people off challenging him, he needs to maintain the charade of not having ample resources.

Marrying your cousin does tend to indicate that you are a little nervous about a leap into the unknown, so an established Mercedes-Benz model would be favoured by him.

For a widower with three children many might consider a large car would be a necessity despite the fact that Tyrion is unlikely to be a frequent passenger.

An S-Class for the appearance of good taste would also be a sensible choice, opulence and an acceptance that only the best is good enough for the Lannisters. The engine choice would be limited to one of the smaller diesels. The boot is plenty big enough for anyone the Lannisters disagree with. Perhaps this would be a suitable car for all the family. 

The Lannisters are know for ‘always paying their debts’, so leasing one is the most sensible option, as it always is.

Tyrion Lannister

Tyrion is the youngest son of Tywin Lannister, and not, in Tywin’s mind at least, the pick of the litter. He’s a little chap and not the most powerful physically. This leads many to underestimate him, to their cost in most cases.

He’s a cunning chap and is difficult to capture, twisting and turning his way out of the hands of those in pursuit. Few seem to acknowledge his undoubted strengths and proven ability, which is odd given his bravery in the battle of King’s Landing.

It just has to be an SLK, although one of the smaller engined versions. Perhaps the base 1.8. Small, perfectly formed, surprising and deceptively agile.

Arya Stark

Arya is a deceptive young woman. She would be excellent at the weekly shopping as she has a propensity to make lists of things that are important to her. However, she has a different side and can change, boy can she change, and become a remarkable companion. So it is the B-Class: an all-rounder par excellence.

The Twins

Cersei and Jamie Lannister have taken the strong filial bond many twins have to a new level, perhaps excessively so. Both are high flyers and very similar although their differences are very important and are critical to their relationship.

So what else but the CLS-Class coupe for her and the Shooting Brake for him.

Jon Snow

My Gran used to call chaps like Jon Snow, who boast rugged good looks, ‘too good-looking by half’, her sons’ lack of the same turning her a little bitter as she aged.

Jon is a determined chap and a great warrior, although he has a soft side, if refusing to kill someone in cold blood can be seen as a factor indicating gentleness. The harshness of the environment seems to have little effect on him. However, when seriously injured he still managed to make his way home.

So strangely attractive given his experienced appearance, go anywhere and sure to return, regardless of any damage, and a character enough to soften the harshest situations. It’s got to be the G-Class and, one suspects, with a powerful engine.

Robb Stark

He’s a popular chap with the fans is Robb Stark, and a stalwart of the first three series. He seemed likely to go on forever. However, given what happened to him at the end of S3 - I feel it inappropriate to give the details here, for reasons of taste and spoiling the series - I think a Mercedes-Benz convertible, with the top off, would be the best type of car for him.


For reasons we won’t go into here, Melisandre, Oh! Melisandre!, is a favourite of mine. What can you say about the Red Queen? A great deal depends on her and it is just as well that she has the gift of prophecy.

Vital to the success of the whole set-up, stunning to look at, and able to predict what is coming, obviously the new C-Class with its predictive satnav is the car for her.

The Hound

Sandor Clegane is the archetypical dependable retainer. He remains in the background but, with his distinctive appearance, he cannot be ignored. He can cope quite easily with a sudden change in circumstances, and nothing will deter him from doing his all to protect his charges. Anyone with any social standing would love to have The Hound on their side, his qualities quietly apparent. Those who know their way around know his value. His quality is apparent without anyone having to mention it.

In many ways he seems custom made for the E-Class but, if we consider that he has a lived in face, with ugly scars, and that there’s a lot of the psychopath about him, then I think we all must agree, he is out of the running.

Danaerys Targaryen

More appropriate for the E-Class could be Daenerys Targaryen, the Dragon Woman. She puts up with a great deal of abuse yet comes out the other side stronger than ever. She doesn’t make much of a fuss, performs any number of roles and excels at all of them. And as for appearance . . .

Perhaps you feel different cars would better suit the stars.

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