Frankfurt Motor Show 2015 Full Preview

posted on Sep 09 2015 by Kyle McWilton

Frankfurt Motor Show 2015 Full Preview

The international motor show in Germany better known as the Frankfurt Motor Show is an international success held annually at….. You guessed it! Frankfurt! The first show was held in 1897 and began in Berlin with a whopping eight motor vehicles on show but as the years went on, more and more manufacturers came to the table using it as a platform to reveal their new or improved vehicles.

What can we expect in this year’s show?


Audi QE Tron

Q6 QE-Tron SUV Concept- Electric SUV Q6 Concept to make a theoretical target of the much delayed Tesla Model X. Audi have state the car will have a range of up to 310 miles. The battery will be housed in the back middle seat making it a 4 seater SUV. The new OLED touch screen interface for individual control of all the cars basic functions is space age and looks out of the world.

New Audi A4

A4- The all new Audi A4 is at the leading edge of high technology and manufacturing innovation, with a new and improved sporty look and curved body lines to ensure maximum road presence. The new models bodywork took a long time to get right but with that they have managed to set a record for low drag with the new aerodynamic mirrors taking a year to create alone.


BMW 3 Series

3 Series- The much awaited face lifted 3 series with new headlights and updated front and rear bumpers give the much loved midsized executive car a fresh new look. The car will be well equipped as standard to try to match the likes of Mercedes, with their generous standard options of Sat Nav, DAB and the clever emergency E Call as standard across the whole range.


X1- The all new BMW X1 will be revealed and is expected to be a mean rival for the much loved Audi Q3/ Mercedes GLA. The new model has been launched to bring in a younger market of BMW drivers and has taken a fierce new appearance including angular headlights, a wider front end with prominent wheel arches and great options as standard including 17 inch alloys.

BMW 7 Series

7 Series- The all new 7 Series is due to arrive and give the Mercedes S Class something to finally worry about. With more space than ever before in both the short wheel base and long wheel base version gives this new cars something passengers can really shout about. The front end stays much the same as the outgoing model but the new model has adapted the BMW I8’s Laserlight technology with an outstanding high beam range of up to 600 metres.


Citroen Cactus M

Cactus M Concept- This crazy concept convertible has a waterproof interior made of neoprene waterproof fabric that means the car can be completely hosed down with plugholes to allow excess water out of the vehicle. This car is built for the beach with a lashing system to secure 2 surfboards and a grip control for 4 modes which include snow and sand.

Fiat 500

New Fiat 500

Fiat 500- The much loved and popular city car gets a facelift that has been a long time coming after 8 years on the market. The front end gets a new set of headlamps as standard with an all new optional Xenon unit. The whole car gets improved looks from a new dual bar top grille to the new LED lamps with a distinct ring design. The car has had 1800 changes to help it compete with the likes of the Citroen DS3 and the mini hatchback.


Jaguar F Pace

F Pace SUV- The much awaited Jaguar SUV launches and looks as stunning as all of Jaguars luxury cars. This is a performance crossover as the company describes it and not only looks great but features all the cuttings edge technology we have all grown to know. The car will consist of a light weight chassis and aluminium intensive platform which is the same as they have used in the Jaguar XE.  A lot of the tech used in this car has been taken from the F Type sports car so you can start to understand what you’re going to get from this new SUV.


Sportage- The all new Kia Sportage is due to be released and has been described by Kia as ‘bold and progressive’ set to rival the Nissan Qashqai it needs to be on top of its game. The new body shape gives it a more masculine look and the chrome exhaust and trim give it a real eye catching appearance. The size of the current model has never been an issue so the company have really focused in on the interior cabin quality and ride refinement; we wait with baited breath to see if they deliver.

Mercedes Benz

Mercedes S Class

S Class Cabriolet- We have all seen the stunning and luxury flagship S class on the road but the much loved manufacturer have now introduced a convertible to steal sales from Bentleys Convertible range. With the roof up the car looks very similar to the S class coupe with the same distinctive shape. As you can imagine the technology that has been introduced is out of this world with the soft top folding down in just 20 seconds and can be done at speeds of up to 37 mph, the roof consists of ‘acoustically optimised’ multi layer lining and double glazing to create one of the most insulated soft tops available on the market. This is a car that will really turn heads and is eagerly awaited at this years show.

So get yourself down to the Frankfurt Motor Show this year to see all of these cars and much more, I am excited just writing about it! All the manufacturers have really gone all out this year with technology and the design of their vehicles. They will be showing all sorts of crazy concept ideas alongside new releases of much loved classic favourites. This is a car fanatics dream and I truly recommend a visit as part of your bucket list. We'll be back writing about the new cars coming out when the show starts on the 18th but for more frequent news Auto Express its great for keeping up to date.