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Formula 1 Drivers And Their Personal Cars

posted on Jul 09 2014 by Kiri Nowak

Formula 1 Drivers And Their Personal Cars

Lewis Hamilton will probably celebrate his impressive win at Silverstone on Sunday by purchasing another boy toy. He recently splashed out on a £20m private jet that can reach speeds of 500mph so that he can keep his long distance romance alive with Nicole Scherzinger.

Formula 1 drivers are in the fortunate position to be able to buy the best rides on the planet. They are after all, famous for being racing car drivers. Driving round in an average car just isn’t an option for them; they have to live up to expectations.

Many racing drivers are heavily influenced by the Formula 1 team they represent. Lewis Hamilton for example has an enviable collection of Mercedes-Benz vehicles. Check out some examples of racing drivers personal cars.

Nico Rosberg - Mercedes C63 AMG

Lewis Hamilton - Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG Black Series and SL 65 AMG Black Series

Daniel Ricciardo - Infiniti EX30d

Fernando Alonso - Ferrari 458

Valtteri Bottas - Classic car appearance

Sebastian Vettel - Mercedes SL65 AMG Black Series

Jenson Button - Rolls-Royce

Felipe Massa -  Ferrari 599