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Ford To Launch A Car That Controls Your Speed

posted on Mar 26 2015 by Kiri Nowak

Ford To Launch A Car That Controls Your Speed

Ford are known for creating high quality, extremely safe cars, but now they have gone one step further. They plan to introduce a car that automatically obeys the speed limit. Fancy handing complete control of how fast you drive over to your car?

Some drivers would categorically reject the idea of a car that prevents them from speeding, but others might just welcome the idea. Why? Because this car also stops you from getting speeding fines and points on your licence.

Ford claims ‘Intelligent Speed Limiter can remove one of the stresses of driving, helping ensure customers remain within the legal speed limit.’ The have created this technology in the hope that it will prevent accidents, make driving safer and save people money on fines.

Ford plans to sell a car which cannot exceed the speed limit. This car will be able to read road signs and detect speed cameras and alter its speed as necessary. It works by restricting the amount of fuel supplied to the engine and it has a camera mounted on the windscreen that monitors road signs.

If it picks up that the speed limit has been reduced it will slow the car down, but it will also pick up the speed if the limit is lifted. It also works with an onboard navigation system because on country roads the road signs can be few and far between. It uses data from the navigation system to get additional data to help keep the car at the right speed.

It’s called the ‘Intelligent Speed Limiter’ and it will be available in the new Ford S-Max model. This extremely smart system is also able to make an emergency stop if needed and also detect pedestrians.


This technology is predicted to be available around August this year. Although the car will cut a car’s speed when necessary, drivers can in fact override the system by pressing hard on the accelerator. When driving along on the motorway it can be easy for your speed to creep up without noticing.

Ford feel like they have found a solution for this problem. Stefan Kappes, safety supervisor at Ford explained that ‘Drivers are not always conscious of speeding... sometimes only becoming aware they were going too fast when they receive a fine in the mail or are pulled over by law enforcement.’

This announcement from Ford shows they are also interest in joining the race to create driverless cars. They explained, ‘This would be part an extension of the networks that will connect vehicles, allowing cars to warn those behind them if they are slowing down, which is all part of a move toward autonomous vehicles that drive themselves.’

How much control are you willing to give up? At this point it seems car manufacturers are going full steam ahead on plans to bring fully autonomous cars to market, so the arrival of driverless cars at some point in the near future seems imminent.

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