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Ford Kuga Contract Hire Car Leasing

posted on Jun 10 2008 by Kyle McWilton

Ford hasn't built4X4's for a number of years now and is rejoining the party the SUV market. Enter the Kuga, the blue oval is back with a mudplugger to challenge the very best in the class. The Kuga is hardly a 'mudplugger' - it's styling cues are more 'car' than '4x4'. Inside, the car-like theme continues: Ford has resisted a temptation to make the interior look tough, rugged and built for the purpose of off roading.

You notice that there is not alow ratio gear lever in sight, nor even a now-obligatory button to lock a centre differential.You will be lookings for days if your looking forthe a large yellow toggle for the hill descent, mainly because the Kuga, shock horror, doesn't even have hill descent. Ford has realised that the 6-7,000 buyers the Kuga is likely to attract each year will miss neither any of the above and actually prefer the low-key looks and enjoy what the brand promises is a 'class-best' drive on the Tarmac.

Green is now an important topic and the Kuga has the lowest-in-class emissions of 169g/km of CO2. Ford is hoping these this and an average fuel consumption of 44mpg will attract buyers wanting sports 4x4 looks to go with superior fuel economy and road-tax-friendly emissions. Fordis making progress againin improving the quality across all of its models.

Take a look at the company's completely revised 2008 Focus that has made a vast improvement over the previous model's patchy materials. The Focus-based Kuga, dips heavily into the Focus parts bin, which is no bad thing because it raises the feeling of quality yet further. People will be askingthe important question is how the Kuga will fare in terms of reliability. It uses a lot of the mechanicals on the Focus, which has proved pretty hardy so far, so it's fair to assume that it should be reliable.

The Kuga is built on the firm's C-platform that underpins both Focus and C-Max and is regarded as the best in the business. Such is the flexibility of this modular platform the wheelbase has been stretched 50mm and the track widened by 43mm. Importantly, Ford has adapted its 'Control Blade' rear suspension for the Kuga and it's this innovative independent rear suspension that gave the Focus its sharp, involving and entertaining handling. The all-wheel drive hardware is the latest-generation Haldex system. In most circumstances the Kuga is front-wheel drive until slippage is detected when a clutch in the rear differential is engaged shuffling the torque rearwards.

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