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£247 Ford Focus 2.5 ST 2

posted on Oct 08 2008 by Kyle McWilton

Back once again and on offer is the legendary Ford Focus ST2. Starting from as little as 247 per month based on 2 year and 3 year contract hire lease agreements this offer is available to both business users and personal drivers. For more details please call the car leasing Team on 01273 789 900.

This Focus ST2 is fitted with the glorious 222bhp 2.5-litre five-cylinder procucing 0-62mph in 6.8 seconds and top speed of 150mph. If this isn't enough, until the 2009 280bhp Focus RS arrives, there will be a 260bhp Mountune engine upgrade offered by dealers, supported by the Ford warranty.

The Focus ST2 is now different to any of its brothers and sisters in the Focus family for reliability and it feels as though Ford has tried hard to match the quality of some of its German competitors. The top of the dashboard and upper areas of trim are finished in soft-touch plastics; oval air-vents have chrome-effect surrounds; and fit and finish is good. A substantial centre console rather than just a gap between the seats makes the cabin feel more cockpit-like and snug, lifting the perception of quality.

For this Focus ST2 the ST engineers have left the Focus's underpinnings well alone, which means the sportiest Ford hatch still comes with 30% stiffer springs and a 15mm lower ride height than a standard model. This endows the Ford with a supple ride on bumpy B-roads, with only the odd bit of crashiness from the standard 18" alloys over poorly surfaced roads.

A positive attribute that does carry over unchanged from the prvious Focus STs is the flexible power delivery of the Volvo-sourced five-cylinder. Once on boost from 2,000rpm, the engine feels relaxed, with a wide power band and the substantial 236Ib-ft of torque on tap - perfect if you're just not in the mood.

Of course when you are, the Focus doesn't disappoint, avoiding the torque-steering antics of the Vauxhall Astra VXR. The five-cylinder remains a joy, although in the new car below 4,000rpm it feels as though it's had the volume turned down, with just a gentle burble at idle. But push further and the delicious hard-edged metallic snarl floods the cabin, with all those engine-noise frequencies that we love so much permeating through. And if you lift off after brief spurts of hard acceleration, you'll still be treated to the odd rally car pop and bang. 

As well as improved refinement, the ST also boasts a better, lighter and quicker gearchange, with much of the original car's notchiness banished. Ford remains proud that the Focus is within Euro NCAP's top 10 safest cars ever tested, achieving the full five stars for occupant protection, with four for child protection (with Ford's approved child seats) and two for pedestrian protection. As standard, all Focuses come with twin front and side airbags, with curtain airbags and standard ESP and hazard warning lights that illuminate under heavy braking. All cars come with remote central locking, deadlocks and an alarm system.