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Fluffy dice & nodding dogs...

posted on Jan 11 2017 by Keith Langford

Fluffy dice & nodding dogs...

Whether it's fluffy dice, nodding dogs, cushions or tissues, what motorists keep in their cars speaks volumes about their personalities.

According to the RAC Research foundation, people now view the interiors of their cars as an extension of their personal space and their contents can often give a great insight into their owner's true personalities. So, which type are you?

  • The Clinically Clean - motorists who keep their cars obsessively clean are struggling to cope with the changeable nature of the world. They hope that if their personal space is organised, the rest of the universe will follow.

  • The mega-messy - a messy interior may indicate that the owner is struggling to find true expression. They fear people will ignore them and they won't get a chance to view their opinions.

  • The home from home - surrounding themselves with items normally found in the home like cushions, tissues and blankets may suggest insecurity on the part of the driver and a need to be surrounded by comforting, familiar reminders of home.

  • The mobile office - having lots of paperwork on display in the car indicates the owner is desperate to be taken seriously and are trying to avoid their own feelings of inadequacy and failure.

  • The toyshop - stuffing a car with fluffy toys is an attempt to avoid the harsh realities of modern life. Meanwhile, those whose car is bedecked in fantasy, sci-fi or cartoon characters may feel uncomfortable in society and prefer the escapism of life in another dimension.

  • Sticker society - cars covered in stickers reveal an owner trying to win friends by proving they have a really good sense of humour. Those whose specialise in stickers from places they have visited are trying to demonstrate they are sophisticated and well travelled.