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Fiat set to expand the 500 range with four new UK cars

posted on Oct 29 2012 by Sam Jones

Fiat set to expand the 500 range with four new UK cars

Fiat will start off the expansion with the launch of the Fiat 500L next February, a five-seat compact MPV. This will be followed by the release of the seven-seat 500XL in September, 500L Trekking by the end of 2013 and a 500X crossover the following spring.

The 500XL is expected to be debuted at the 2013 Geneva motor show next March and, being longer and wider than the 500L, will be Fiats largest version of the 500 to date. However, it is unlikely to be named the 500XL by the time of its unveiling to avoid any confusion with the 500X.

The 500L Trekkings rugged body cladding, increased ride height and electronic traction control will give provide it with some off-road abilities but, similar to the Panda Trekking, will remain front-wheel drive.

Fiat gave a preview of the 500X during the summer release of the 500L but it is still a long way from reaching production. Despite this, the 500X is expected to be the most expansive and upmarket model in the 500 range so far and will offer drivers sleek crossover styling and larger, more powerful engines.