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Famous Cars From TV And Film At The National Motor Museum

posted on May 07 2014 by Kiri Nowak

Famous Cars From TV And Film At The National Motor Museum

At the National Motor Museum in Beaulieu, the New Forest you can see over 250 automobiles. From the very first cars to hit the roads to mind blowing modern models, the National Motor Museum has it all. There are lots of different exhibitions to explore, one of the which is the ‘On Screen Cars’ exhibition. Here you can see some famous cars featured in films and television shows. Here is a selection of the cars from the On Screen Cars exhibition.

1. Jaguar XKR - James Bond Die Another Day

Jaguar XKR - James Bond Die Another Day

Want to see a real life Bond villain’s car? The Jaguar XKR was used by the diamond faced villain Zao in Die Another Day. This bright green car is hard to miss, it’s heavily modified with unusual offset Detroit 20-inch road wheels and a Ford Explorer front suspension unit. It was used in the ice chase scene where Pierce Brosnan was driving an Aston Martin Vanquish.

2. Reliant Regan Van – Only Fools and Horses

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This a classic car from the infamous Only Fools and Horses series. It’s an iconic car from the series that’s very well-known and easily recognisable. It’s the van that Del Boy and Rodney ride around in and it was used in the unforgettable Batman and Robin episode. In the Heroes and Villains episode Del Boy and Rodney are dressed as Batman and Robin and unfortunately the van breaks down.

3. Flying Ford Anglia – Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

Flying Ford Anglia – Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

See the world famous flying car that Ron Weasley drives in the Chamber of Secrets at the National Motor Museum. Ron uses his magic skills to transform a standard Ford Anglia into  a flying car that’s invisible to muggles (non-wizard folk). The car was actually stolen in 2005 but was thankfully found after being dumped by thieves.

4. 1967 Series IIA Land Rover – Heartbeat

1967 Series IIA Land Rover – Heartbeat

The On Screen Cars exhibition also includes the 1967 Series IIA Land Rover that was driven by district nurse Carol Cassidy in Heartbeat. This car was used in a grand total of 71 episodes and as well as being used for filming it towed a trailer full of equipment around the set.

5. Classic Mini – Mr Bean

Classic Mini – Mr Bean

Mr Bean gets into all sorts of predicaments in his mini throughout the Mr Bean series. In one episode he attempts to beat an exit barrier in a multi-storey car park when he realises he doesn’t have the right amount of change. Mr Bean did start off with an orange 1969 BMC Mini MK II but it was ruined in an off-screen crash. Take a look at our latest offers to lease a MINI.