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Family Friendly Cars: Which One Should You Choose?

posted on Oct 08 2013 by Jade Hensby

Family Friendly Cars: Which One Should You Choose?

We reach a certain age in life where we have to consider who will be sitting in our cars. As much as we long to hold onto that two seater sports car, there comes a time where we have to trade it in for a family appropriate car. That said, family car doesnt have to mean boring, as this list will show you. Even better, with all of these cars available from youll never have to think of family cars as boring again...

Our first option is the Skoda Octavia. Not only is it a great price as the deal of the month, its also a great all round car. Boasting a ton of interior space and starting lease price of £169 pcm + VAT, its easy to see why this car is popular. And with boot space that is to be rivalled, youll find it much easier to fit a buggy in.

A favourite for family cars has always been Ford, and with the Ford Focus youll know that youve picked a stylish car that is very practical. Rating high in all categories, the Focus doesn't disappoint. Youll be able to keep the sleek design and impressive mpg, while transporting your family around in safety and comfort. has leasing prices starting at £174 pcm + VAT.

Family Car Ford

If you're just starting out, a great car with value for money is the Volkswagen Golf lease. With a genuine class and fuss free interior- this car will keep you looking the part. Its eco drive is encouraging for VW and its constant place in the motoring mind over the years proves this car can withstand test and time. This car can be leased from £197 pcm + VAT.

For the ultimate family car and driving privilege, look no further than the BMW 1 Series. Not only will you get all the benefits of driving the BMW, youll also get that much needed space for all the family sitting in the car. As youd expect with a BMW the interior is desirable, and the drive is everything youd want. It may not be the most practically priced family car, but youll be driving a BMW. Prices start at £243 pcm + VAT.

Family Car BMW

With all of this in mind, you'll need to choose a car that is comfortable to drive and keeps your family safe while on the move. With new leased cars you can feel relaxed in the knowledge that your car is as safe as could be.

If these cars are still not what youre after, try our lease car search table which enables you to select your choice of car, contract legth and mileage to find your perfect family car today.