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Police in China Set up Along the Motorway

posted on Nov 01 2013 by Jade Hensby

Police in China Set up Along the Motorway

It seems the Chinese government have taken the issue of speed into their own hands, and are dealing with it in an unusual way. In Ningbo, Zhejiang province police have placed a virtual police vehicle on the hard shoulder. But what will this achieve?

As of yet, well have to wait and see if they are effective. However, Neil Greig, the Director of Policy and Research at the Institute of Advanced Motorists insists that wooden police cars are ineffectual. He stated that forces in the UK have tried this on the motorway bridges. But basically its a waste of time. Once one person has gone past it, everyone realises its a joke, so any effect tails off very quickly.

But it seems that forces in the UK have also tried this before on motorway bridges, but to no avail. What do drivers think of this then Well it seems most find it comical that this was a serious experiment to deter speeding; after all what good will it do now that people know its fake

Others have said that the cardboard cut-outs are distracting them while driving, saying that if placed in the wrong location they could potentially become more of a problem than a way of solving the problem of speed.

So what else is there It seems that the best option to eradicate speeding is to add cameras, but with this comes expense. It seems to save lives, you have to spend money and that can be difficult to implement across the UK.