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Christmas Gift Ideas For Motor Enthusiasts

posted on Dec 18 2014 by Kiri Nowak

Have you left your Christmas shopping too late this year? With only a couple of weeks until Christmas it's time to get your Christmas shopping sorted. If you have a friend or family member who loves cars then you are in luck. We have come up with some great gift ideas for motoring enthusiasts.

1. A driving experience

Supercar driving taster experience

One of the best things you can get a motoring enthusiast is a driving experience. Make it personal and find a driving experience that they will really appreciate, such as driving their favourite make of car. You could go all out and book a driving experience in a supercar and give them the chance to take the car of their dreams for a spin.  Virigin Experience Days offer a range of driving experiences from electric cars to classic cars.

2. Tickets to a car show

Goodwood Festival of Speed

There are lots of fantastic car shows you can attend all around the country. Car enthusiasts will normally attend a fair few car shows in their lifetime. Why not surprise them and treat them to some tickets to their favourite show, or a show they might not have been to? Goodwood Festival of speed is a popular choice and they also offer driving experiences.

3. Annual subscription to a car magazine

Car Magazine

Another thoughtful gift would be to get them an annual subscription to a motoring magazine. Christmas is the perfect time to do this as they can sign up for the New Year - Car Magazine is our top car mag.

4. Hire a supercar for a day

Hire a Ferrari for the day!

If you want to spend a bit more money then hire them a supercar for the day. You can hire cars such as Ferraris for a few days, although it is definitely not cheap as the insurance is so high.  Hertz offer a range of supercars to rent from their Dream Collection with prices starting from £275 to hire a Mercedes-Benz C 63 AMG line.

5. Get them a brand new car!

Lease a brand new car

If it's a very special Christmas and your loved one deserves an expensive gift then why not get them a car? Surprise your partner with the ultimate gift, a brand new car. You can lease a car for much less than you might think. Click here to search through our deals finder.

6. Automotive DVD's and motoring games

Top Gear Season 20Fast & Furious

If you only have a small budget then automotive DVD's are a great ideas. You could get them films with epic car chase scenes or box sets of motoring television series such as TopGear or how about Fast and Furious? Also, if your friend or family member is a car enthusiast and enjoys playing computer games then getting them a motoring type game is a no brainer.