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English councils see parking profits rocket

posted on Jan 10 2013 by Sam Jones

English councils see parking profits rocket

According to Government data, local councils in England saw profits from parking charges rocket by 14.9% in 2012. This increase of £53m means councils made more than £411m from parking profits in last year alone.

Despite this dramatic rise in parking profits, council expenditure on education, road safety and safe routes to school fell from £127.5m to £10.5m between 2011 and 2012. This is a decrease of 18%. The RAC Foundation is a charity that highlights issues for motorists related to the environment, motabliity and  plus encourages responsible road use and have published this research.

As expected, London area councils made the most as Westminster council took £38m in parking charges, an increase of 8.7%. Meanwhile Kensington and Chelsea saw its profits soar a staggering 31% from the previous year, growing to £27.5m. Brighton and Hove council made £13.7m in 2012 making it the biggest earner outside of London. Newcastle upon Tyne also saw its takings almost double to £6.2m during the year.