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Electric car owners rage as vehicles are unplugged

posted on Jan 30 2014 by Jade Hensby

Electric car owners rage as vehicles are unplugged

There is a charging rage sweeping America, as those who own electric vehicles are increasingly being angered over charging stations. While owners of electric cars may care about climate change, they appear to be less concerned of their fellow motorists, with many leaving angry notes on windscreens and drivers finding their cars have been unplugged so others can charge theirs.

President Obama has stated that he wants there to be 1 million electric cars on American roads by next year. Even though these figures suggest that will be a tough target to fulfil, the growing popularity of the plug-in car means that in some parts of the country there are not enough charging points to go around, especially in California.

According to latest figures there are 170,000 electric cars in the USA alone. However, there is only one charging point for every six vehicles.

Drivers have been urged to only charge their cars when necessary and having done so to unplug their cars rather than hog the points when it is not needed. Unplugging another driver’s electric car is considered bad form and motorists should never leave nasty notes, regardless of how annoyed they are.