Election Results Are In! What Does That Mean For Us Motorists?

posted on May 08 2015 by Josh Seymour

Election Results Are In! What Does That Mean For Us Motorists?

Looks like the conservatives and David Cameron got their way and have managed to win with a majority. It’s an outright win for the Tories, a humiliating defeat for some of the other parties. The Liberal Democrats lost the most seats and in Nick Clegg's own words said the results were “immeasurable more crushing” than he had feared, a result that has caused him to step down as the party leader. The UKIP leader Nigel Farage has followed suit after failing to even gain the seat of Thanet South, losing to the Tories there against Craig Mackinlay. That is aside from not quite getting the result they were after by securing just 1 seat, they’ve managed just as good as the Greens with Caroline Lucas keeping her seat in Brighton. But what does this all mean for the motorists? Now the conservatives can settle in for another full term.

UK Road Improvements

The Tories have pointed out that they have allegedly tripled the budget available for major road projects and motorway improvements, taking on the congestion prone-areas with the Pinch Point Fund. Hopefully we can see a continued trend of improvements to our roads here in the UK, it would be nice to see a closer focus on those ever so troublesome potholes though Mr Cameron!

Check out the current road investment strategy here.

Fuel Duty

One thing the Tories like to talk about with regards to motorists is reminding us about how they have frozen the fuel duty since coming into power. The current fuel duty freeze is the longest in two decades. It’s already been frozen for the last 5 years, how much longer can they expect to keep it up for? So far this has saved us approximately £7 each time we fill up and that's only going to be more and more the longer it’s frozen. It’s not surprising to think this will become unfrozen at some point in the coming term, with the amount of money in question. Can the motorists and businesses really afford for fuel to start creeping up again? No not really.

Sadly as we know from the budget there is no freeze on the yearly road tax so we will see this rise with inflation year on year.

High Car Insurance

One thing that can bother, particularly the younger drivers, is the high cost of insurance that they have to deal with. A reason for this is the wrongful fraudsters cheating the insurance system. This is what the Tories would concentrate on in the hope of it helping with the cost. I can’t imagine this is going to actually help decrease the cost of insurance but let’s hope that it can help reduce it going up and up and up. They have said they will crack down on whiplash claims, bringing in independent medical panels that will be the only ones that evidence will be taken from. They will also reduce the cost of claims by cutting the fees the lawyers can charge by continuing to process uncontested claims.

The Future

Announced with the budget were the Government's plans for the UK to take charge in the driverless cars innovation. George Osborne announced an investment of £100 million to create a Centre of Excellence for autonomous cars. It’ll be interesting to see the progress of this over the next 5 years with some experts saying that most manufacturers will be producing driverless cars from 2020 onwards. Will this investment be enough to have the UK ready for driverless cars? We're apprehensive on this but only time will tell.

All in all it’s what can be expected. The conservatives are in but at least they seem to have a plan for us motorists.

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