Eastern Promise - The Hyundai Tucson

posted on Oct 09 2015 by Josh Seymour

Eastern Promise - The Hyundai Tucson

Up until recently Hyundai were not really considered to be of the same standard as their Japanese or European counterparts when it came to designing and building cars.

For sure they had some redeemable designs and functionality but truth be told, they just weren’t that great.

Step forward a few years and now Hyundai have raised their game. So much so that when they are pitted against the likes of Ford, Renault, Toyota and Fiat they really are starting to look like a tour de force!

Helping Hyundai state their case in the UK is the all new model Tucson (pronounced too-son). With its sharp lines and increased build quality it might just be the car to take a strangle hold of this massively competitive sector and really project the image of the brand.

At first glance, the Tucson looks very imposing at the front end. The large chrome grill sits just in front of sculpted LED headlights and offers a mean presence. The strong powerful looks flow through the rest of the bodywork with angular creases and flared rear wheel arches letting everyone know the Tucson is here for business.

With all of the bravado going on with the exterior, you may be interested to know that it’s a slightly different affair on the inside.

Quality leather trim covers the contoured seats (premium model) and steering wheel shows how the soft finishes have been taken to the next level when developing this car. All of the cabin features have a high standard of finish and are well laid out. Even the seating position has been well thought out as the newer lower positioned arrangement offers a more sports orientated drive.

An 8 inch touch navigation screen takes centre stage on the dash which can be used in conjunction with the reversing camera. Push button start, DAB radio and Bluetooth connectivity show that Hyundai really are on the mark with the features to try and temp you behind the wheel.

So it looks good, it feels good but how does it drive? Well, in all honesty, not that bad. Now this may not be a ringing endorsement but it did perform really well. The Tucson feels good soaking up the miles. It felt wide and stable and took the corners pretty well. It didn’t set the world on fire with regard to acceleration and I don’t think you would be buying one for its pure driving experience but that’s not where Hyundai are going with the Tucson.

Where they are going is with moms, dads, families, commuters, weekend warriors. This is who Hyundai want in this car. It’s something slightly different. It’s something a bit alternative to the norm and something that ticks pretty much all the boxes.

Hyundai have got with the program, they must if they really want the Tucson to compete with the like’s of Volvo’s XC60, Audi’s Q3, Mercedes’ GLA or BMW’s X3. This is a massively competitive market and the Tucson is genuinely a car you should consider.

Pricing is very competitive and unlike the BMW X3 or Range Rover Evoque, this car is available before the next millennium. Definitely food for thought!!

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