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Driving Tests Update: Proposal Seems Promising

posted on Oct 30 2013 by Jade Hensby

Driving Tests Update: Proposal Seems Promising

Recently, there has been a lot of press coverage concerning younger drivers. We all know how it feels to pass your driving test and perhaps weve all had it go to our heads a little but most recently there has been an increase in road accidents that involved young drivers: so to keep everyone on the road safe there needs to be an update in road laws, but what is the government proposing

The Department of Transport issued a report recommending that there should be a system in place that graduates what license holders can do at certain ages in an attempt to help prevent crashes. This report based its evidence from other countries that demonstrated a system of graduated driver licenses- and the information is strong and consistent. It has estimated that if in place, this proposal would allow new drivers to gain experience on the road, but without being exposed to major risks with a minimum learning period; included in the proposal is a late-night driving curfew.

Included in some of the recommended changes are:

- Placing a minimum 12 month learner stage that requires at least 100 hours driving time during the day and 20 hours of driving in the night, which would be supervised with a mandatory log book detailing the practices.

- Once you have passed the test you will be moved onto a probationary license from the age of 18.

- During this probationary period, that would last a minimum of 12 months, a green P plate would need to be displayed at all times on the car so that other users of the road can see you are a new driver.

- After the 12 months probationary period is over, as long as there have been no convictions or accidents then a full UK driving license will be issued.

With younger drivers being involved in a large portion of road casualties, there is also a call for more affordable public transport, as many of those being they have to drive to be able to afford to get around.

With this in mind, lets all pledge to driver safer and be considerate of other users of the road.