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Driving Safely at Night

posted on Nov 05 2013 by Jade Hensby

Driving Safely at Night

For many people driving during these darker nights can be a daunting thought. Some of us just forget that it is different, and that we should take extra care when driving on the roads at night. What can we do to make it safer for everybody who uses the roads during these dark evenings and nights.

Driving in the dark becomes more challenging as the human eyes field of vision becomes a lot smaller when there is less natural light. Using these tips can help you, whether youre confident, or just need a reminder.

Taking your time is the biggest advice point when it comes to driving in the dark. You should allow your eyes time to adjust to the darkness before you set off on your journey. It takes a few minutes for pupils to fully dilate, allowing for maximum light to enter your eyes. This means that the more light your pupils let enter the eye, the better your vision will be.

When it comes to minimising glare, you should look to the bottom right of the road to avoid approaching headlights. Using the night setting on your rear-view mirror to deflect the glare from the vehicles behind will also minimise any distractions.

Night driving

By keeping the interior of your car dark, you should find that it becomes easier to see the road. Reducing your speed will also give you longer time to react if something happens, whilst giving you more confidence.

The last piece of advice that we can give applies to driving in general. Keeping your car in good condition will give you a greater chance of safety whilst driving.

Though this is not groundbreaking information, it does help as a reminder. Whether were driving at 6pm or 11pm in the winter, its still going to be dark so we should all make sure we are taking care whilst on the roads.