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Driving Licence Paper Counterpart To Be Scrapped From January 2015 - What You Need To Know

posted on Dec 02 2014 by Kiri Nowak

Driving Licence Paper Counterpart To Be Scrapped From January 2015 - What You Need To Know

The paper counterpart driving licence is to be axed from the 1st of January. From the start of 2015, the DVLA will not issue the paper driving licence along with the photocard. The DVLA have deliberately avoiding making these changes during the extremely busy festive season and instead have waited until early 2015.

These changes are being put into place following a review into how the DVLA can provide better services and enable the taxpayer to say money. Getting rid of the driving licence paper counterpart is one of the key changes in this review.

The DVLA explained the reasoning behind their decision. ‘We want to make it as easy as possible for motorists and businesses to access government services. Getting rid of needless bits of paper and making changes to free up drivers time is all part of our commitment to get rid of unnecessary red tape. We have already launched a free online service where drivers can check their own licence details.’

What you need to know:

  • The DVLA has said drivers can destroy your paper counterpart as soon as these changes come into play.

  • However, if you only have a paper driving licence that was issued before the cards were introduced in 1998 you can still use this, do not throw it away. Your will be issued a photocard when you need to update your license or if you need to change your address or name.

  • The DVLA has launched an online service where you can check your driving licence details.

  • ‘Entitlements, penalty points and the status of your driving licence won’t change.’

  • Driving licence fees are expected to fall.

  • If you already have a photocard keep using it and remember you still need to renew it on time

  • The DVLA claims that getting rid of the counterpart will ‘save drivers over £5m every year.’

Some people are concerned that the DVLA will not have the online service fully functioning in time. If the scrapping of tax discs are anything to go by then it could cause problems. On the first day of having no tax discs, the DVLA website couldn’t cope with the huge influx of visitors and shut down, causing complete chaos.

There is also fear over fraudsters, the DVLA sent out a warning urging people to ignore emails from fraudsters asking them to verify their driving licence by clicking on a link. People clicking on the link could potentially have their bank details stolen or identity copied. The DVLA commented 'The email, which wrongly claims to have been sent from DVLA, appears to be an attempt to trick drivers into providing personal details.'

For more information on these changes click here to visit the site.