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Driving in Poor Weather Conditions

posted on Oct 17 2013 by Jade Hensby

Driving in Poor Weather Conditions

When it rains we always feel a little smug knowing were driving home so we won't get wet. But rain does affect the way we drive, and how we should be driving. Here are some top tips to make sure you stay safe when its pouring down:

Firstly it's important to slow down. As we all know from the Driving Theory Tests- wet weather changes the stopping distance, so be sure to leave adequate space and distance between yourself and others on the road.

It seems water tends to pool on the outside lines, so if youre driving on the motorway use the middle lane as much as possible, or at the very least stay towards the middle lane.

Following large trucks or busses will be both annoying and dangerous. The spray that hits our windshield from the large tires reduces our vision- be careful when passing them as well.

Be considerate of brake lights in front of you, making sure you are alert of what others are driving like around you. Make sure your windscreen wipers are working at their best too, as you dont want to find yourself stuck in torrential rain without any wipers.

Driving in icy conditions

Another handy tip would be to use your headlights. Though it may not be particularly foggy whilst driving- theyll help you see the road better and help other drivers see you in heavy rain.

Finally, if you do drive through a deep water hazard you need to make sure you check your brakes. There is a chance they could be saturated and only driving very slowly and breaking lightly at the same time will generate enough heat required to dry them out. Make sure they are pulling evenly on all wheels before you start to speed up again.

Though this may seem like a checklist for heavy rain- make sure your car is always up to the distance you need it for. By looking after your car and its particular needs to weather conditions you can be sure to know your drive will be hassle free.