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Drivers Don't Know When To Service Their Cars

posted on Jan 11 2017 by Keith Langford

Drivers Don't Know When To Service Their Cars

Nearly 60% of Britain's private car owners don't know the recommended service interval for their vehicle and around one in ten wait for it to break down before having it serviced.

The test, which asked drivers about their basic car care and car servicing habits, revealed that 38% of drivers were unaware that their car even had a recommended service interval. Of those who knew it existed, one third admitted to not knowing what it was.

Drivers of older cars are less likely to know their recommended service interval than those with newer models. Nearly three quarter of drivers of cars over seven years old were unable to specify their service interval compared to 61% of drivers of cars between four and seven years old and 37% of drivers of cars under four years.

However, drivers who rely on their cars to do a lot of mileage are more conscious of servicing requirements, with those who drive over 12,000 miles a year almost twice as likely as lower mileage drivers to know their recommended service interval.

Vikki Adamson, Brand Manager for Duckhams says, "Although recommended service intervals are becoming longer as cars become more technologically advanced, there is clearly a huge job to be done to help drivers become aware of the environmental and economic benefits of running a well-maintained car. The potential gains in vehicle efficiency - such as reduced engine wear, fuel consumption and emissions - can also mean long term financial savings for drivers in fuel and repair costs."

Regionally, drivers in the North East and Yorkshire proved most likely to know when to service their car, with South Wales and the South West, Scotland, East Anglia and the North West least likely to know their recommended service intervals.