Driver Forced to Abandon New £150,000 Aston Martin in Floodwater

posted on Feb 11 2014 by Jade Hensby

Driver Forced to Abandon New £150,000 Aston Martin in Floodwater

One driver had more than he had bargained for over the Christmas period when he drove his £150,000 Aston Martin supercar into floodwater which swamped his brand new vehicle.

The four door deep car broke down as the motorist tried to travel home through a flooded street in Maidstone, Kent on Christmas Day.

The water, which was up to four-feet high in some places, had caused the electrics in the luxury Aston Martin Rapide to cut out, meaning the driver had no choice but to abandon his flash motor. The vehicle was later stuck, and water could be seen dripping across its white leather seats and back seat TV screens.

The owner, who requested not to be named in the media, has said “i was just trying to get home and it conked out. I thought i’d be okay, but i wasn’’s alright though, it’s only a car. I’m fine, and nobody was hurt- that’s the main thing”.

The vehicle was finally removed after the mechanic and the owner struggled to open the electric bonnet, because the luxury car’s battery was flat. The cream leather interior of the supercar seemed remarkably dry when recovered, despite the water levels reaching up over the wheel arches.