DFT Plans Increased Penalties for Drivers Using Phones

posted on Feb 12 2016 by Karen Liggett

DFT Plans Increased Penalties for Drivers Using Phones

The Department for Transport has requested feedback on proposed changes to penalties for using a mobile phone whilst in control of a vehicle.

In a consultation published at the end of Januuary, DfT recommended the fixed penalty notice (FNP) value increases from £100 to £150 for all drivers. The offence will also incur increased penalty points, with car drivers receiving 4 points and HGV drivers receiving 6 points.

According to the proposal, these changes support Government’s commitment to ‘...reduce the number of cyclists and other road users killed and injured on our roads every year.’ They also suggest that the vast majority of first time offenders will not incur a FPN or penalty points but will instead continue to be offered a remedial educational course.

What do you think to the proposed increases? Do you think they will have an effect on drivers using their phones? To read the full report visit the Gov.uk website.