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Credit Crunch - Car Leasing Takes Off

posted on Dec 04 2008 by Jon Bardill

Credit Crunch - Car Leasing Takes Off

Car Dealerships and other Leasing Brokers report that it's becoming increasingly more difficult to get a new vehicle until as late as Q2 of 2009, and that huge savings and price drops of the summer have come to an end. Don't you believe a word of it! Since the beginning of the reports that the Credit Crunch was to get worse all those months ago, GMC Leasing has seen a 300% increase in leasing contracts.

An ever increasing quantity of new enquiries arrive every day as we see a huge increase in clients relinquishing ownership of their current vehicles as they decide they want the security of fixed cost motoring provided by vehicle leasing. In these uncertain times we find that people want to know they are driving the latest in technology, the safest and most reliable vehicle at a true value for money price tag.

Our clients explain they do not want to have to worry about depreciation, large serving bills that go with older vehicles and of course the ever increasing road fund licence annual fees. The answer is simple, its Leasing! At GMC Leasing we are always looking at ways in which we can improve our products and services using feedback from our after sales questionnaires, from conversations we have with many satisfied clients and even conversations with clients where things some times haven't gone quite so well, yes we do have a few of those and its great to learn from them.

GMC Leasing works directly with many of the leading Manufacturers to secure available vehicles and through volume purchasing we are able to offer some exclusive leasing deals that you wont find any where else. It is our belief to offer great cars, at great prices with a great service. There are some truely amazing savings to be grabbed with our Mercedes Benz and Saab's right now in the run up to Christmas, just take a look for yourself!