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Could Apple launch their own cars?

posted on Mar 07 2014 by Jade Hensby

Could Apple launch their own cars?

According to new reports, Apple is becoming increasingly interested in the idea of making some kind of push into the motoring industry. This could be through either directly creating their own vehicles, or through software and devices.

There has been no official record of whether meetings between Apple and Tesla took place, but it has been implied that Apple is increasingly looking at new products to find for the next big innovation. However, analysts have said Apple may be prepared to place their attention in the electric car market.

It has been said that some of the ideas have included Apple made touch screen devices in Tesla vehicles. Apple has filed several patents on the subject.

However, it seems that Apple is not the first company to jump onto the vehicle bandwagon – both Google and Microsoft are already exploring the options for in-car technology, while companies like Ford are making their own apps to bring to their cars.