Concept Cars That Never Made It To Production

posted on Jun 08 2015 by Josh Seymour

Concept Cars That Never Made It To Production

Concept cars are just great fun, aren’t they! Sometimes a glimpse of what the future might yet hold for us straight out of a science fiction film, others done purely because they wanted to see if they could make it work. Not all concept cars make it to production and for good reason, I still don’t even know how ideas like the Chrysler Expresso even made it to being a concept car.

Chrysler Expresso Concept

But that still makes it a dying shame every time a concept car comes out that’s exactly what you’re looking for but it never makes it to production. So what of the concept cars that did turn heads and would have been, or could have been, an iconic leap forward for the automotive world but instead it got swept aside for one reason or another. Well here is a few that we wish had made it onto into the factory floor for mass production;

Mini Rocketman

Mini Rocketman Concept

This is as close to the original design of the iconic classic Mini that the new Mini’s have come to. The Rocketman is designed to be more of a city car than their newer modern counterparts much like the original one was designed to do. There has been talks recently of a partnership with Toyota that might result in this concept making it to production but as of right now its sadly still just another concept. Read more here.

Mazda Furai

Mazda Furai Concept

The Mazda Furai was the final concept of Mazda’s fantastic Nagare line, its name meaning “Sounds of wind”. Although it was never intended for us regular folk as a street car, this beast was bred for the track. Which is where it ended when it made it over to Top Gear and after a few great shots, it burst into flames and since then has never been heard of. This one is such a shame I mean look at it, seeing that whizz by on any race track would have been amazing!

BMW M1 Hommage Concept

BMW M1 Hommage Concept

Fans of the original BMW M1 went mad on the 30 year anniversary when this M1 Hommage concept was revealed. The original M1 was before its time and to tease us with this on its anniversary was almost cruel. All we can really do is stay and hope that BMW will once more give us this one taste of classic automotive history wrapped up in its modern styling’s and technology. 

The Hommage concept brings me onto a more recent concept that’s come out again from BMW to honour yet another of their classics, the 3.0 CSL batmobile.

BMW 3.0 CSL batmobile Concept

When comparing this against what happened in 2008 with the M1 Hommage, it does make me think this is just another concept for us to hang our hopes on, to dream at the chance of having one of our own. The original Batmobile was a serious bit of kit, were hoping that this new concept could be more of the same. Its feeling a little closer to production than some of these concepts may or may not have been with this video of it physically driving around is enough to show you that it is real!

For now though we have to settle with what IS in production, check out our latest leasing deals here.