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Memorable Mercedes-Benz Adverts

posted on May 15 2014 by Harvey Yates

Memorable Mercedes-Benz Adverts

A graphic artist’s lament

Spare a thought for the poor people whose job it is to create a memorable, engaging and persuasive television advert for a new Mercedes-Benz. They have to get it noticed amongst the thousands of other offerings that clutter the commercial channels.

TV adverts can be dire and boring, pot boilers from an industry that often appears to lack new ideas, but every so often an agency will come up with something that is compulsive viewing. By any definition many are art. There are those which intrigue, excite, inspire, and at the same time as inspiring desire. And they must not upset anyone as they are the backdrop to modern life.

Janis Joplin Mercedes-Benz

It was surprising therefore when Mercedes-Benz used Janis Joplin’s iconic ‘Oh, Lord, Won’t You Buy Me a Mercedes-Benz’ recording as the backing track of an advert in the 1990s. The original was recorded in her last session and her words at the end, ‘That’s All’ were chillingly prophetic as she died three days later. Not what many would consider to be the safe option. She had many fans and they might well have been upset.

The track has since become irrevocably associated with Mercedes-Benz and has been brought from the cupboard many times, notably during the Superbowl, and they weren’t cheap slots. It must sell though. Just one post on YouTube has had 46,000 views.

Mercedes-Benz CLA - Cat

You cannot live on past glories and old material can be the death of an advert. The advertising team needed to move on and come up with something different, perhaps specific to a model. So what about the CLA?

It is the most aerodynamic car of its type on sale, having a remarkably low co-efficient of drag. This gives low fuel consumption at various speeds and reduces emissions. It looks good as well so with the decision as to what to highlight being made for them, all the advertising team had to work out was how.

You can imagine them sitting around a table, struggling to make statistics look cool, interesting and attention grabbing. In walks someone with the refreshments and on hearing the plaintiff question: ‘What do people like?’ says: ‘Cats. I like cats and so does my friend. We have a Facebook page.’

One of the team runs cats through Google, logs onto YouTube and the rest of the afternoon is spent laughing at cats that look like dictators. The number of hits the clips total impresses them. So cats it has to be.

Again a little bravery comes into play. They mustn’t ill treat the cat so an elaborate system to ensure its care it put into place and so we get their latest advert.

Currently it has received some 632,399 views since publication on 13 April and the figure increases daily. Everyone loves a cat it seems.

Mercedes-Benz Magical Body Control - Chickens

However, what about chickens?

They do not love cats of course, but perhaps the public might find them intriguing. A team from Stuttgart came up with this very clever advert.

It is a cracker. Deceptively simple, incredibly moreish, as the viewing figure of 10,872,760 shows, and somewhat compulsive.

For a car advert, is has very few cars in it. None in fact. The only motoring bit is the logo, the most recognisable one in the world evidently.

Won’t you buy one? Or rather, lease one?