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City Cars Just Got Better

posted on Oct 15 2013 by Jade Hensby

City Cars Just Got Better

It came to attention a few weeks ago, how rarely some of us actually travel on the motorway. Yet, we drive these cars that excel on the motorway but guzzle fuel when driving in the city. So what's our option? You should consider leasing one of these city cars-  with low prices theres no reason not to love each one.

Our choices have boiled down to the Volkswagen Up and the Citroen CI Hatchback .What is interesting here is that both these cars are fundamentally the same, the only real difference so to speak is the price, but lets talk about each one and its benefits anyway.

Volkswagen UP!


Volkswagen Up! Has certainly impressed the critics. With a level of refinement and an interior of high quality, it does leave us baffled as to the price. The boot space is something to be desired and learnt from by other car manufacturers of smaller cars, as it allows for more space to be created with a height adjustment floor and movable back seats. This model can be leased as petrol, three door option.

The interior is sleek and simple. With the top spec model of this car there comes a sat nav infortainment system, which does more than director you. It can show you how much CO2 youve used on your journey, it can act as a dial gauge and is removable- making it easier to carry with you.

At a glance, this vehicle has an MPG of 62.80 miles; CO2 105 g/km and can go from 0-62 in 14.40 seconds. You can lease this car from us on a 24 month contract, 6+23 with a 10,000 mileage limit for just £101 + VAT pcm.

Citroen CI Hatchback

Citroen C1 Hatchback

Citroen has certainly introduced a good contender. The C1 is fresh and fun loving on the inside with the typical Citroen cylindrical heater control panel that even glows orange in the dark. At a glance this vehicle can manage a mpg rate of 65.70 miles; Co2 99 g/km and can reach 0-62 in 12.30 seconds.

Another bonus with the C1 that is better than Up! Is that it has both CD player and MP3 socket.

Overall, though both cars have their own benefits here at we think the Volkswagen Up! Wins the title of best city car. To get yourself a quote on this car visit our Volkswagen UP lease page - you can also see our latest Citroen C1 deals by clicking here.