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£201 - NEW Citroen C5 Saloon Contract Hire & Car Leasing

posted on May 29 2008 by Kyle McWilton

Starting from £201 + VAT per month this Citroen C5 Saloon and Citroen C5 Estate is outstanding value for money. Full range of spec and models available for Business or Personal Contract Hire Lease. For a personalised quotation and availability please call the Car Leasing Team now on 01273 789 900.

Citroen over the last couple of yearsit seems is on a bit of a roll. The fact is not only have they become one of the greenest manufacturers, but it seems they're also starting to grasp basic design too. The previous C5 was hardly a show stopper; its bland design coupled with a shoddy interior and poor build quality. So what has taken Citroen so long. Quite clearly whatever the reason, it has been worth the wait. With this new C5, Citroen is making a lot of references to the Germans; having taken a fairly large leaf from the books of Audi and BMW when designing the car.

Its advertising slogan even states "Unmistakably German" but "made in France" in small type. And to its credit, the C5 is striking. There is no mistake ,it has a much sleeker profile, but the real head turner is the front, where the C5 has been given a large attractive grille and sweeping headlamps, while the Citroen badge flows into the bonnet line, in keeping with the new Citroen corporate style. It is no longer difficult to picture this car in the same bracket as the likes of the BMW 3 series and Ford Mondeo, and other than the price - which is hugely competitive; ranging from 15,600 to 24,000 - the previous car is a distant memory.

The first thing you notice when you step inside the new C5 it has the feeling of something much more expensive. The whole cabin has been superbly put together with soft touch plastics and a smart leather steering wheel, the centre of which doesn't move - housing all the function buttons - whilst the wheel itself rotates around it. The C5 makes an excellent motorway companion, and the well-built cabin doesn't let in much wind or road noise. The Hydractive suspension tackles bumps and lumps in a limousine-like fashion, while avoiding the wallowy feeling associated with traditional hydro-pneumatic systems.