Chris Evans Sells £11 Million Worth Of Cars

posted on Aug 25 2015 by Kiri Nowak

Chris Evans Sells £11 Million Worth Of Cars

You are the new host of Top Gear, the biggest automotive show in the UK. What do you do to celebrate getting the job? Sell £11 million worth of cars of course. Chris Evans, the BBC’s chosen one, is to fill Jeremy Clarkson's boots as the new host of Top Gear. He’s known for having a rather impressive collection of rare classic cars, but it seems he doesn’t need some of them anymore.

It has been reported that next month he will be auctioning off some of his amazing classic cars including a right-hand drive Ferrari and a 1949 Jaguar. Classic car enthusiasts are clearing their bank accounts and gearing up to battle it out to purchase some of these cars.

1949 Jaguar XK120 'Alloy' Roadster

Image Coutasy of Daily Mail

Evans has consigned a total of 13 cars to the Bonhams Goodwood Revival Sale. This comes as a big surprise, as he is extremely proud of his sensational car collection. However, he isn’t selling off his entire collection. Although these certainly are some of his rarest and most impressive models. It definitely won’t be easy for the presenter to part with some of these stunning cars.

According to Sholto Gilbertson, Bonhams director of motor cars ‘In refreshing his collection, others will have the opportunity to enjoy Chris's fantastic cars - after all, you never 'own' a classic car, you enjoy it, look after it and pass it on for others to appreciate.’ Chris Evans is so kindly offering his cars to others, in exchange for a rather large sum of money. However, he will also be auctioning off 140 items of automobilia and the proceeds made from this will be going to Children in Need.

Evans has been making money from classic cars for a few years now. He once sold a Ferrari 250 GTO for around £18 million, making around £6 million worth of profit. In 2013 he managed to sell £4.4 million worth of classic cars, and in 2014 he sold a whopping £6 million.

This auction is generating a lot of buzz which can’t be bad for the presenters reputation. It’s certainly getting his name out there and getting Top Gear fans used to the fact that a new presenter will be stepping up to the plate. Jeremy Clarkson has a huge following of very loyal and passionate fans, making this a very big challenge for newbie Chris.

Here are some of the cars that Chris Evans will be auctioning off:

●     Right-hand drive 1966 Ferrari

●     1971 Ferrari 365 GTS/4 'Daytona' Spider

●     1964 Ferrari 250 GT/L 'Lusso'

●     1949 Jaguar XK120 'Alloy' Roadster

●     967 Jaguar XKSS 'Lynx'

●     A Chitty Chitty Bang Bang replica

●     1964 Daimler police car

●      Fiat 127 Abarth

●     Mercedes 280SL Pagoda

The auction will take place on the 12th of September at Goodwood in Chichester, West Sussex. You might not be able to buy a vintage car for £2 million, but you can lease a brand new car for less than you might think. Click here to view our latest car leasing deals.